Saturday, November 9, 2013

Saturday randoms

I meant to do another Five on Friday post to follow up my first one last week, but on weekdays Jared is sleeping in the spare bedroom (which is home to our desktop) due to the construction noise upstairs, and Blogger just isn't very compatible with the Ipad. So it didn't happen. The result of that is this random post.

On Tuesday I attended Bailey's first school conference.
She is old enough for this?!
Her teacher Mrs. Stelling said that she is sweet and considerate and gets along well with others. She said Bailey has never had any problems in school so far.
This comes as no shock to me. Bailey is a sweet child who is concerned with other people's feelings and with doing the right thing. She tells on herself for goodness sakes!
I did warn her teacher that next year she might have a different story to tell... Avery is so not my rule follower.

While there I also picked up her school pictures.
I am very pleased with them, especially since that day I asked her to show me how she smiled for her pictures and in response she gave me her biggest scowl ever, complete with just-try-me eyes.

Graham has been figuring out this walking thing. He took a few steps in a row the other day. He loves to stand in the middle of the room, just stand there all proud of himself for his accomplishment. I think he might actually walk and get somewhere in another week or so.
Hey Mom! Check me out!
This past Monday I went shopping with my mom and sister Justy to spend my birthday money. I have been truly desperate for clothing without a maternity panel or a snap-down feature for whipping out a boob when needed. Because basically that is all I have bought in the last 4 years.
Mission definitely accomplished.
With Justy's persuasion I stepped out of my comfort zone and tried on clothing I otherwise never would have given a second glance. I found a lot of things I really like. I spent the whole day only buying things for myself. There was no stop for groceries. No calling to check in on how the kids were doing. And no guilt at the enormously large meal we ate together. I think we all could have continued shopping late into the night, but alas, all good things must come to an end.

Week One of the bathroom renovation is complete. Our house is a dusty freakin' mess right now. And I refuse to get out the Pledge until it is all done. So if you were to come by our house, you'd need to bring your own dust mask. Okay, maybe it's not that bad, but you could probably write "Wash Me" on most wood surfaces near the bathroom.
The bathroom itself is coming along.
Why yes, we do have more than one outlet in the entire bathroom now!
After 5 days of work, it has a new ceiling and walls, along with some updated electric and plumbing. Oh and insulation, can't forget that novel idea! Hopefully this winter I won't feel the wind blowing through the walls as I step out of the shower.
Me last winter: a few weeks post-partum and breastfeeding.
Getting out of hot shower into cold room = nips that could cut glass = PAIN! 
So it's a year too late for my poor, tortured milk machines, but I am going to enjoy the new vent fan and heater just the same.
I am hoping by this time next week we are enjoying a functional bathtub and can say adios to showers in our cold basement.

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