Saturday, November 23, 2013

some Saturday silence

Today it was just me and my man. The little one, that is.

After a long week full of whining, biting, and fighting, I dumped the girls on my mom and dad and enjoyed a little peace and quiet this morning.
I had forgotten how much easier life is with one kid instead of three. Especially one that still takes two naps a day.
Glorious silence!
I got a lot of household tasks accomplished and even had time to work out without little bodies attempting push-ups beside me.

Graham and I had some nice one-on-one time together.

He is changing so much, so quickly. The last year has just disappeared in the blink of an eye. 
He has had the stairs mastered - both up and down - for the last couple months.
His main mode of transportation is walking now.
He finds my cell phone whenever he can and holds it up to his ear and mouth.
He signs "more" when he wants more to eat and has started saying "Maaah" with it too.
He gives sweet little open-mouthed kisses on command that melt my heart.

It amazes me just how "boy-like" he is. We have had cars and trucks and "boy toys" since we have had kids. The girls always had the option of playing with them. They just didn't.
Graham is drawn to them. He loves to push them around on the floor. He has even started making raspberry noises as he pushes them, which kinda sounds like a car noise.
{I am sure this is pure coincidence, but it is so freakin' cute.}
The bus is also a big favorite. It is usually loaded down with princesses "going to school" by sister Bailey, but today it was all his. In fact, the whole house was all his. Every toy, every book... that never happens!


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