Sunday, December 22, 2013

Seven on Sunday

1.  We are celebrating Christmas with my parents and sisters tomorrow afternoon.
I can't believe Christmas is almost here.
Seriously, what am I going to use to blackmail my kids into being good now?

2.  I am loving this.

Only I had a daybed.
And instead of a JTT poster (which I am shocked I didn't have), I sported an old-school Garth Brooks poster on my closet door.

3.  Speaking of my old pal Garth, rumor has it he is headed out on tour again in 2014. I will *need* tickets. My back-in-the-day BFF Sarah and I went to his concert in 1996. Seriously, 1996...? Anyway, it was a surprise present for my 12th birthday. Best present ever for a nerdy super fan.
Meanwhile, I just spent 20 minutes digging through my childhood photo album trying to come across the horrible picture of Sarah and me in our concert t-shirts and horrible short haircuts. Alas, I think it is permanently missing. Which is too bad, because man, was that picture worth a laugh!

4. We took the girls to their first movie ever today. We saw Frozen. I thought it was cute, Jared not so much. But the girls loved it. Avery loved the popcorn even more. This was the scene that followed.
Hey, at least they waited until the movie was over and we were in the car!
And the movie for sure had one decent song, which is good because freakin' Pandora is permanently set to the Disney kids' music station at our house. I swear I know all the words to every Disney movie song ever created.

*Side note: Just when I am about puncture my own ear drums, this same kids' music station will randomly play a Garth Brooks song. And not just any song - one of my favorites. Weird, right? It's totally a sign regarding #3....

5. I have come to realize I have horrible magazine guilt.
I like magazines and I didn't pay for a single subscription to any of them thanks to expiring Southwest miles or something, but I never make the time to read them. And I feel guilty just recycling them without attempting to read them. They just sit there in a pile until I feel guilty enough to skim through one.
Like Family Circle, poor thing... I just realized I had issues dating back to June!
And O! Magazine... Why yes, Oprah, I just love your recommendations, like that one for a $700 pair of pants.

So listen up family members:
I am a horrible magazine reader. Don't contribute to my guilt.
(Except for the HGTV mag. I love that shit.)

6.  The Duck Dynasty thing. I am so tired of hearing about it, as is everyone else I am sure. The media in this country catches wind of some "scandal" and suddenly it is the "news" we have to hear about every ten minutes.
I thought this post captured what I was thinking exactly.

7.  And lastly, my dear husband brought this piece of info to my attention just today. The book Outlander (which I nerdily blogged about last year) is currently filming for the Starz network.
I. Am. Pumped.
And I could hump the leg of the guy playing the main character Jamie, and I am not ashamed to admit it.
Check out 3:15 to see what I am talking about.
You're welcome.

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