Friday, December 13, 2013

the good {Christmas} stuff

We fit some fun Christmas stuff into the last couple of days.

We had Wednesday wide open. Jared didn't work the night before, which meant he would be awake and functioning like a normal person, and I didn't have to watch my two extra kids that day.
A perfect day for Christmas cookies.


And of course... the tasting.
Later that afternoon the girls asked if they could have a cookie. I said that they could and they each began happily nibbling away. But they left the pan on the table, right near the edge. Graham was ready to sample his cookie too. After all, he did work hard supervising it all from his high chair.
No big shocker - he's a fan of sugar cookies too.
Tonight we went to visit Santa.
I know I wrote earlier that I was a slacker mom and we were going to miss meeting Santa this holiday because I refuse to stand in the mall and pay for the privilege of taking a crappy photo of my kid bawling on Santa's lap.
But I take it back, our kids finally did get to meet the big guy. We went to Santa's Castle in a nearby(ish) town.

And much to my shock, it went well. I really talked it up today, about how awesome Santa is and that if the girls didn't tell him what they wanted for Christmas, Santa wouldn't know what to get them. Nothing like a little motivation to climb up on Santa's lap!

Bailey whined and whined all day about how she wasn't going to sit on Santa's lap "no matter what, Mom."
And then the time came and she practically trampled Avery to get to him first.
He asked the usual Santa-type questions. Of course she has been a good girl. Yes, she is excited for Christmas. yada yada yada

Then they got down to business:
I would like some princess dolls.
Awesome. Grandma Sherri already has those checked off the list.
And some cars and trucks.
This took him by surprise. Apparently Santa wasn't expecting such a boy-themed gift.
Santa prompted for some more: "Would you like some pretty new clothes from Santa?"
Yes, I want new underwear!
We have raised such a practical little child...

Avery was very quiet and timid with Santa.
And those of you who know Avery know how rare that is!
She eventually whispered that she would like some dollies for Christmas.
Santa autographed her new Christmas book, and she was on her merry way. {See what I did there? Crafty, I know.}

Graham was less sure about the man in the weird, fluffy suit.
He was more curious than anything. And when it became clear that he was nearing freak-out mode, Santa reached for a book from his bag just in the {Saint) nick of time. (I promise that's the last one.)
Right at the end we did see some tears, but he did pretty well for it being his first meeting with Santa.
As our kids grow older, the holidays become more and more fun. I love the excitement in their eyes as they participate in holiday traditions, like using that first snowman cookie cutter and hanging ornaments on the tree. The pure unadulterated joy in the photo above - the one of Bailey as she watches the first dough star placed on the cookie sheet... That is what all these Christmas traditions are for. For them.

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