Wednesday, January 29, 2014

a typical Tuesday

So it isn't really Tuesday anymore. Not even close. 
I had good intentions, but other things took precedence yesterday. 

It's been cold here. Cold enough that school has been delayed and even cancelled in some cases. And a two-hour late start means no preschool for Bailey. So we have had some extra mornings together.

Nothing really exciting has been going on around here. 
No falling down stairs or anything... 
And since there is nothing to really write about, you get photos from a random Tuesday morning at the Solko household.

Apparently yesterday was the day to switch up the typical toy gender-roles.
Little Man playing with Jasmine?
Bailey fighting fires with the firehouse dog?
Sure. Why not?
It's easier for Graham to chew on a princess than a truck anyway.

Avery has quite the hair lately. Anything to keep it out of her constantly running nose. So forgive me some traces of snot in her photos, okay?

I love the next two pictures:
Avery sipping her tea very lady-like...

... and flash forward to her birthday 18 years from now.
Girl has the shot-taking down pat.

Bailey has been very much in a dresses-only, girly-girl stage for the past forever few months.
Dress with matching tights.
Hair pulled back. (always by herself I might add)
Fingernails painted.
Necklace on.
And if I had allowed it, I guarantee she would've been holding a tube of lip gloss, too.

"Mom, just so you know, I am sleeping with Eric."

Random, right?
I know.
Thanks for hanging in anyway.
Happy Hump Day!


  1. I want that picture of Avery taking the tea shot! Hilarious! And the sleeping with Eric quote gave me a good laugh, too.

    1. The things that come out of her mouth crack me up. It's a good thing she is funny - it helps balance out the downright ornery! And I can't help but cringe thinking I'm going to hear a very similar phrase in about 15 years.... Yikes!


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