Monday, February 3, 2014

off the rack

Jared's been hard at work ticking items off my wish-list this winter. 

About two weeks ago he finished our Pottery Barn-inspired cubby storage unit. But it took awhile to find the boxes we wanted to fill it with, and now we need to hang our family pictures above it. So maybe a post about that next week? 

In the meantime he used the scraps from that project to make a cute step-stool for the kids to use... and boy, do they use it! It helps them reach the extra-tall sink in our bathroom and is big enough for two to use at once. 
Heaven help us when Graham decides he needs in on the action too.

Jared's latest project:
a rolling rack for the girls' dress-up clothes.

After this past Christmas their dress collection grew immensely. Grandma Cathy sent a present that consisted of five Disney princess dresses. So along with the shoes and accessories (ie: bracelets that Tucker chews and destroys daily) they already owned, they have been in dress-up mode constantly. 
I love the... imagination?
Mismatched socks. 
Lion purse. 
Tutu with a bunched up dress.
And sensible flats to round it all out.

I had previously purchased an old-school suitcase at a garage sale for 25 cents and shoved all of their random items in there.
And it ended up looking like this. Constantly.

Time for something different.
There is lots of room for all their dresses. 
(And shawls. And owl purses. And feather boas. And cowboy hats.) 
The bottom of the rack is large enough to hold all the miscellaneous stuff. (And keep Tucker's favorite "chew toys" out of reach!)
Down the road I could even place containers inside it to separate or group together different items. 
Yay organization!

And the best part?
It's on wheels.
Perfect since we are storing it out of sight in the under-the-stairs closet when not in use.
Also, the wheels help the little guy feel like he is part of the action.  ;)

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  1. Squeeee!! So cool! Jared is so talented and creative, what a great idea guys! I'm always so impressed by how "finished" your pieces look. It's really in the details!


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