Sunday, April 6, 2014

55 years

My grandma Connie and grandpa Lyle celebrated 55 years of marriage yesterday.

April 5th, 1959
Lytton, Iowa

We went to visit them yesterday morning, the kids, Justy, and I. We brought donuts and my grandparents always have coffee. I wanted to hear some details. As I get older I am starting to realize what a gift it is to have my grandparents close and - let's face it - alive. This world is an uncertain place, and I am lucky to have all four of my grandparents alive and well. How cool is it that my kids get to know my own grandparents?

Anyway, I wanted to hear about their wedding. 
A wedding in 1959 was a very different affair. One might say the focus was more about the marriage, not the wedding itself. After the ceremony they had a small reception at their church. No outrageous catering costs, no DJ or dance. 
Although knowing Grandma, she would have torn. it. up.
When asked about their honeymoon, my grandma said they spent two days in Cedar Rapids at my grandpa's buddy's place. She rolled her eyes in my grandpa's direction. "Not exactly my idea of a honeymoon."
Sounds about right for these two.

Romantic honeymoon or no, here they are 55 years later - 
"still putting up with each other" as they have been known to say. 

Happy Anniversary Grandma Connie and Papa Lyle. We love you both. ♥


  1. What a cool photo of your grandparents, Vanessa! Wow, 55 years. That's amazing. I hope I reach that with my husband. You are truly lucky to have your grandparents with you, especially to celebrate such a momentous milestone.

    I read a book that studied wedding trends and it is definitely different from back in the day, especially when you're talking decades. Even wedding rings and receptions and all that were fairly simple or nonexistent. I love going to weddings but realized after I had my own that I wish I had kept mine simpler.

    1. I love weddings too. Who doesn't love good music, free booze, and an excuse to party?!
      It's easy to look back after the fact and see all the things that you wish you had done differently. We were only 23, and our parents helped pay for it, so we tried to keep things as cheap as possible. I am lucky that my husband loves to negotiate a good deal - it saved us quite a bit of money. Wedding planning is not something I find particularly enjoyable, so ours was pretty simple by default!

  2. Your grandparents sound like pretty amazing people! 55 years of marriage is a serious accomplishment. Congrats to your family!


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