Tuesday, April 22, 2014

easter 2k14

Easter is probably my favorite holiday.
So much more laid back than Christmas, plus the weather is (usually) nicer too.  There are no shopping trips to make or presents to buy, just a bag of candy and some cheap plastic eggs are all that's required. 

Speaking of cheap plastic eggs, last week was a constant game of hide and seek with those colorful plastic suckers. Someone would hide them and the rest would find them. It was good practice apparently. Even Graham was good at retrieving eggs this year.

At this particular egg hunt they were giving out scooters and bikes through a random drawing. All the kids and parents were gathered around waiting to hear the names called. After one or two names were called, we asked Bailey to be quiet since she was making a lot of noise. It went a little something like this:

Jared:  Bailey, you have to be quiet so we can hear the names.
Bailey: Okay. When are they going to call my name?
Jared:  We don't know if they will call your name. 
           Not everyone's name can be picked. 
           There is just one more name to be drawn for your age.
Bailey: Okay I will listen for when they call my name.
Jared:  Not everyone can win. They might not call your name, okay?
Bailey: *nonchalantly* I think I am going to win. They will call my name. 
   ** ten seconds go by **
Announcer: Bailey Solko! Bailey Solko come claim your prize!

Bailey gives her dad and me the toddler equivalent of an I-told-ya-so look as she scampers up to collect her winnings.

And with that, Bailey won herself a scooter.

On Saturday we had supper at my Grandma Joyce and Grandpa Ronnie's house with family. My grandma hid eggs for the kids and had little goody bags for them to take home. I ate way too much dessert - my usual holiday tradition.

That night the Easter bunny outdid herself. Eggs were packed full of candy and hidden around the house. 
And let me tell ya, it took about ten times longer to fill and hide those eggs than it did for the kids to find them Sunday morning! 
I actually woke before the girls and heard Avery whispering to Bailey, "Sister. Sister. Wake up, the sun is already awake! It's time to get up!" Her attempts would have been in vain but Bailey spied some eggs in the hallway and remembered it was Easter morning. Within ten minutes all the eggs were collected and candy wrappers were already littering the floor. Success.

We dressed up for church and met my family there.
The older they get, the harder it is to capture a decent photo of these little clowns.
We also attempted a family picture later, but you can see for yourself how well that went. Hey, at least no one is screaming/fighting/bawling in the photo. That is a win, right?

I really love going to church on Easter Sunday.
And there is something about attending the service in the tiny little church I was raised in. 
I know all the songs. 
I see all the same friendly faces that I have known my whole life. 
It is comforting. 
And I really love that Bailey told me this week, "Jesus died so that we could live."
(To which Avery responded with, "And then he comes back to hide eggs!")

After church we gathered - just our immediate family - at my parent's house. Since we did the traditional ham route the day before, we grilled instead. We ate more dessert. We played a board game. We started to plan a family vacation for next Christmas. 
Naps were taken, but alas, not by me.  

It was a relaxing day for everyone, especially one little boy who quickly learned the freedom that is not wearing pants. 
(He takes after his aunt Justy. Okay... and his mom back in her skinnier days.)
Graham with Grandma Sherri and Great Papa Lyle

We spent the late afternoon outside, in a way reminiscent of many of my own childhood afternoons - driving motorized vehicles around the farm with zero purpose other than the thrill of riding something with its own engine. 
So maybe this was a country Easter.
Or perhaps even a redneck Easter?
No matter. It was good day in my book, one spent with my favorite people.

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