Friday, April 4, 2014

Goodnight light and the red balloon

I'm an avid reader, have been as far back as I can remember. I love books. I love reading. And so does Jared. So naturally we would love to instill the love of reading in our children.

We read a lot of books at our house.
Pete the Cat is particularly huge right now.
I think both Jared and I have quite a few books memorized.
And of course we have a few books that accidentally get shoved to the far reaches of the bookcase on occasion...

Graham is particularly in love with Goodnight Moon.
We read it to both girls when they were babies too. Neither seemed overly excited about it.

But it is clearly Graham's favorite. If I tell him to go grab a book, he inevitably sifts through (ie: dumps out) the basket of board books in search of his beloved copy of Goodnight Moon.

It's barely holding on. 
I've had to resort to clear packing tape to hold the spine together. Some pages have also seen their fair share of tape and the cover is constantly being bent in half by little hands. 

But he loves it.

He loves turning the pages.
He loves hearing me say the word moon.
And he loves the pages with the kittens especially. He points to them and smiles his goofy Graham smile. And then he attempts his version of "meow" which sounds more like the typical response to "What does a cow say?" than the sound of an actual kitten.

I love that when I mention anything about books, he lights up and says, "Moon!" and tears off across the house to grab his book.

It sort of reminds me of another child, one who also had her own all-time favorite book...
Bailey loved Bubbles Bubbles - a cheap Sesame Street book that was purchased from the $1 section at Target.
To this day I can still recite it all.
Bubbles bubbles on my nose.
Bubbles bubbles on my toes.
Bubbles bubbles in my hair.
Bubbles bubbles everywhere!

It made such an impression that one of her first words was bubbles, which was particularly adorable to her father and me. She loved that book so much that it was pretty much worn out by her first birthday. I went to replace it - can't beat a dollar book! - and I couldn't find it anywhere. When I finally found it months later, I bought another three or four copies. Just 'cause.

With Graham now approaching a year and a half of age, we are leaving some of the simple board books behind. We are finding some new favorites (Pete the Cat and his different colored shoes, anyone?), but the girls still enjoy a quick reading of Elmo and his friends and their bubble rhymes.

Maybe Graham just has a thing for moons?

What are some of your kids' favorite books?

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  1. Holy moly Vanessa, it's like peering into my own home. My kids love Goodnight Moon and we also had to tape the spine because it came off (looks just like yours in the photo, with the spine all white). We also love Pete the Cat and the buttons and shoes and going to school stories.

    My eldest's first words caught on video was "moon" :) And I'm looking at that last photo with the book by Frank Asch. We haven't read that but have read the Mooncake one.

    We love reading too (as in, I have to go to the library every week because I need to read every night lol) and I do hope that makes an impression on our kids.


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