Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Avy Jo turns 3

Avery turned 3 years old today.

We celebrated her on Sunday with a Hello Kitty themed party at our house.
And here most people are probably thinking, Hello Kitty? Really?
Yeah, I kinda agree - not my fave - but Avery was insistent upon a Hello Kitty cake so I went with it.
She was one happy girl.
Party dress? Check
Bow in hair? Check.
Pile of presents? Check.
Long-awaited cake ready? With candles? Check. and check.

I can't even begin to guess how many random people Avery had told about her Hello Kitty cake in the weeks proceeding her birthday party. 
But it was a lot. 
It was the main topic of discussion. 
So when the cake was finally placed in front of her and she knew she would get to eat it soon - it was almost too much. She was clenching her little fists and shaking with the excitement. 
Sister loves her cake. 

She was smiles and giggles all day, with the exception of when Bailey overstepped her bounds and instead of helping Avery open her presents, she tried to open them on her own.
"It's not your birthday, Sister! It's MY BIRTHDAY!"

(And of course the one time we weren't recording the usual boring birthday present opening, something funny actually happens.)
It was a little diva-ish even for Avery, but we let it slide since it was her birthday after all. Plus she had heard us telling Graham the same phrase to coax him away from the presents earlier.
All was better as soon as Bailey realized she got a pair of sunglasses to match the ones Avery received.
Avery knows how to play it cool.

We had a fun day spent with family. Avery - well, all of us actually - is blessed to have so many people that make the effort to be here for the days that are important in the life of a 3 year-old. And the really important days almost always include cake.

Avery's 1st birthday
Avery's 2nd birthday

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  1. Aw happy birthday to your little girl! It's amazing how kids still love Hello Kitty. I remember liking that stuff and all the My Melody and Keroppi stuff too lol. I'm glad her birthday went well. The cake looks amazing :)


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