Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mama's Day 2014

Those of you who know me know that I am a pretty simple person when it comes to holidays like Valentine's Day or Mother's Day.
I am a big believer in doing something thoughtful and personal.
Personally, I would much rather have a handwritten letter or an hour of someone's time as opposed to a gift. Don't get me wrong, gifts can be nice, but I appreciate the thought and emotion that can go into homemade gifts or time spent with a friend or loved one.

Every year for my birthday - starting at the age of 7 - my grandma Joyce took me (as well as all my sisters and cousins) shopping. Just me and her. She gave me some birthday money, as did my other grandparents and my parents. We went to stores together and picked out things for me to buy with my birthday money. She made sure I got practical items like clothes, but she also helped me pick out fun things too. And I got to pick where I wanted to eat for lunch. That was huge as a kid! I remember always looking forward to those trips so much. 
That one-on-one time with my grandma was so special to me. 
It still is.
It didn't cost her anything but lunch (and trust me, a 7 year-old's tastes are not expensive) and her time. 

Someone's time is such a luxury today. 
An hour (or three) with a friend over margaritas.
A card in the mail just because she saw it, laughed, and thought of you.
A phone call to catch up just because.
They don't cost much, but they mean a lot.

To this day my favorite presents from Jared haven't even been presents. 
They are notes written in funny cards, referencing one of our various inside jokes. 
They are letters written on big days in our lives - like the day of our engagement or the birth of a child. 
They are breakfasts in bed after I've been able to sleep in a little bit later than normal. 
They are a clean house with supper in the oven. 

I have gotten a bit off topic...
I think the point I am trying to make is that I think we sometimes take the meaning out of holidays. Just like Christmas, we focus on the purchasing of a gift and less on why we are celebrating to begin with. Tell your mom you love her. Spend some time with her. Or at least call her. I guarantee that means more than flowers do. 

And speaking of flowers... Here are the little-somethings the kids made for both grandmas.  

I wasn't sure how the hand print portion would go, but they turned out surprisingly well.
The girls weren't overly creative with the reasons why they love each grandmas - most involved mention of the particular toys they have at their houses. But they sure were excited to hand them over to Grandma Sherri and pack them up in the mail for Grandma Cathy. 

I hope all you moms out there had a fabulous day spent with your loved ones!

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  1. Love! Those gifts are my favorite kind to receive.


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