Sunday, May 18, 2014

weekend construction

Three small children have been anxiously awaiting the arrival and eventual building of a playset for their very own backyard, so Jared and I set out to tackle the project around 10 AM on Saturday morning. 

Unpacking the box and eyeing all the wood pieces - plus about 30-some odd bags of nuts, bolts, screws, and washers -was a little overwhelming.

Before my coffee I was thinking,
 All this is supposed to become this??

Apparently so.
After refueling on coffee, we were officially ready to enter construction mode.

We took a wrong turn on Phase 1 (of 7,394 20) and didn't find out until a while later. Whoops. Some improvising worked, as it would throughout the rest of the day. 
The main rule of constructing something that came in a compact box bought from Wal-Mart: ingenuity is your friend.

We spent a total of 8 hours on this bad boy. 

I am proud to say that Jared and I did it ourselves with zero help from others - unless you count the "help" the girls were more than happy to offer up in the form of mixing up bolts and swinging a big mallet.
I can't be 100% sure, but I don't think either of us even offered up a swear word. 
Can you believe it?
And it was a good thing we were both working on it, too. Not only did it make the process go even faster, but with vague directions and less-than-optimal diagrams, a second set of eyes definitely came in handy.

About every 5 minutes for the whole 8 hours, one of the girls came to inquire if the slide was ready yet. 
If only it could be ready in 5 minutes. 
Or even an hour. 
Or even 6 hours!

But the important thing is that we got it together. And it's a big bonus that Jared and I were still speaking to each other as the last screw was drilled in. The kids wasted no time and were climbing all over it the second we finished building it.

 The excitement on Avery's face sums up just how pumped they all were.

And believe me, after only one day the fights over who gets what swing and who gets to slide first have already begun. 
Oh well, bring on the outdoor fun!


  1. WOW! I am incredibly impressed!!! I'm not sure my husband and I could have handled that task by ourselves...especially not without curse words! Haha.

    1. Thank you. I wasn't sure so sure we could handle it either. I am just glad it is over!

  2. That's how you know you and your hubs are going strong when you can survive 8 hours of putting that thing together! lol

    Great job, guys. Honestly I HATE assembling things. I did it a lot when I was single but since my husband has been around I tend to leave it to him (typical stereotype, right?). I'm pretty good at it I just hate it. How is it that it feels like exercise?

    Glad you guys have your new play area though. It looks great! I think if I got that I would seriously have to bribe someone to take my place and assemble it for me!

    1. What a great barometer for a relationship: buy a likely-made-in-China product and see if you can navigate its construction without killing each other. :)

      I don't like assembling this kind of stuff either. When it has to happen, I also leave it to the male of the household. But this job required two people, so I was sort of stuck...There is an option to pay for a company to come build it for you, but seeing as that was about as expensive as the play set to begin with, we opted not to. I wasn't looking forward to putting it together, but when the choice came between laziness and frugalness - my cheapskate tendencies won out!

      And funny that you mention that it feels like exercise. My husband and I are both logging our food and exercise on MyFitnessPal and we seriously logged it as exercise! lol He was definitely working harder than me, but I did a lot of walking back and forth to the garage for boards and bolts, so I feel like that counts. ;)


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