Saturday, June 14, 2014


I had intentions of doing a combo blog post this week - a compilation of all the things we did. Turns out, we didn't really do all that much worth reflecting on. But I wanted to include some photos from a recent concert. 

You see, I was my grandma Connie's date to Cher.
She bought the tickets for her and my grandpa, but seeing as the seats were on the floor and my grandpa would not enjoy standing on his feet for hours in order to see, I went along in his place. 
My grandma Connie is a big Cher fan. She went to Cher's previous farewell tour (this was farewell #2) ten years ago.
Two of my sisters - Beaner and Justy - are big Cher fans along with my mom. My dad came along for the ride too, although I am not sure he particularly enjoyed himself. 

We roadtripped in the 1995 Econoline per usual. 
It lends itself well to selfies in the back.

Grandma had a few good laughs.
And a Mike's Hard Lemonade.
Us granddaughters expose Grandma to all kinds of new stuff.
Sidenote: she liked it.

I am not the biggest Cher fan, but I thought the show was awesome. It had a bit of a Cirque du Soleil feel to it. There were lots of performers swinging from ropes and awesome dance routines during all of Cher's many costume changes. My sisters and I would watch and try to guess what song was coming next. She sang all our favorites (with the exception of one) and I surprisingly knew a lot of the words, which always makes a concert more fun. 
Oh and FYI, I am sparing you the distant, out-of-focus concert pics. We have all seen enough of those on Facebook to last a lifetime.

Since the concert I've had "I Got You Babe" on perpetual repeat in my head, and it still makes me think of that hilarious Golden Girls episode every single time. 

And then there is the rest of my week that will not be highlighted:

forgot the camera, which is a bummer because little kids batting is adorable

*Doctor's appointment for Avery, all 3 kids along for the fun
a complete shit show and I should have brought the video camera so everyone could watch and be glad they weren't me

*Garage Sale-ing
a tad bit disappointing as my only finds were a mirror and two candlesticks I want to repaint for use during Christmas


  1. How freakin awesome! You guys are adorable. It's so nice to be able to go to a concert with your parents and sisters still, and to Cher too! My family and I usually go to plays and musicals, so we might have to do a concert one day!

    I don't know much about Cher myself other than the most famous songs. But geez the woman has been around forever so goes to show she is still doing her thang!

    I'm supposed to go with my husband to a concert this summer with a bunch of bands playing. It should be fun! I'm kind of anti-crowd but I think hanging out with the hubs will be a treat.

    1. Thanks. :) We definitely all still have a good time together. My sisters and I went to a Meat Loaf concert together (we have a weird love for him that goes way back). And two years ago we went with my mom to a Michael Bolton concert (she always tortured us as kids with his music in the family station wagon).
      And yep, he is officially referred to as M-Bolt amongst us sisters. :)

      A concert with a bunch of bands sounds awesome! I have never gone to a festival or anything where multiple headliners are playing, but I have always wanted to. Crowds do get annoying at times - there always seems to be someone right next to you that is either a fun-hater or falling-down drunk - but usually the music makes it worth it.


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