Saturday, August 16, 2014

Iowa State Fair

Corn dogs.
The big boar.
The butter cow.
Real cows.
Pigging out.
Basically a lot of animal-related stuff going on.

On Monday we packed up for the day and headed to Des Moines.
Jared had only been once, and despite being born and raised in Iowa, I have only been a couple of times. And since Jared's dad and step-mom were in town visiting from Kansas, we thought they might enjoy seeing the fair too.

You could spend hours just walking through all the animal barns. 
All the kids liked the horses, but the highlight for Avery was the goat that sneezed and "sounded like a kid." 
She's three so the pun was not intended.

This photo is very fitting since Bailey's favorite part of the fair was seeing pigs, especially the day-old piglets.

A personal favorite of ours from our last visit is this little beauty.
It's peppermint stick ice cream covered in a layer of fudge and finished a layer of cookie crumbles.
To die for.

Avery enjoyed this mode of transportation the best.

Graham finally gave up on it all around 2 pm, which meant more caramel apple funnel cake for me and Grandma Ann.
Hey, snooze ya lose, Brother!

It was a fun day that flew by. Sometimes taking the kids anywhere is like pulling teeth, but with so much to do and look at, they were constantly entertained and therefore really well behaved. 
And did I mention they were exhausted and fell right asleep as soon as we got home? 
Yeah, because that part rocked. 

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  1. Aw good times! I have never been to the LA county fair but we have petting zoos and farms nearby. Looks like a fun day! Sleeping right away is good too ;)


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