Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The ladies' room

Bailey and Avery share a room. Most days it is all fine and dandy. And some nights it is an absolute disaster, but that is a bitch sesh for another day.

Their room isn't large. Up until recently all the available floor space was basically eaten up by two twin beds and one bookcase. There was no room to actually play or do anything other than sleep. Now that they are older and playing more and more independently, I wanted their room to be a place where they could actually spend time. 
Of course the peace and quiet I experience from that is a pleasant outcome as well.

So we decided to buy a set of bunk beds. And because their existing carpet was nasty blue office carpet dotted with paint stains and hastily installed by the previous owners, we opted to install new carpet while we were re-doing everything else in the room. One trip to Menard's and $250 later, Jared and I got the privilege of installing a remnant piece of carpet all on our own. 
It is safe to say that carpet removal and installation is a workout all on its own. 
But I am glad we took that extra step because both of us had forgotten what nice, new carpet feels like because God knows it is no where else in this house. "This is why we don't have nice things" rings more true each and every day. I know you are hearing me on this one, fellow parents.
Anyway, new carpet - totally worth the hassle.

The girls thought it was great fun to spend one night sleeping on the floor in their empty room.

Bunk bed installation was less painful than I imagined. Granted we bought them from Walmart so we were expecting vague directions and not top-of-the-line quality, but I am pleased with how they turned out, especially for the money. We already had the mattresses and matching bedding, so there wasn't much expense in this room re-do. 

I had only a couple honey-do projects for Jared to complete to finish off the room. 
Jared scored an old dresser for $35 at a local household auction two months ago. It is in great shape and with a quick coat of paint, it very quickly became a fun piece of furniture for their room.
If you are wondering about the rug under the bed, well that is the kids' favorite place to "hide" from me each night after their bath. They have pillows under there too, and they think it is just the coolest place to hang out.

The other area of their room is open and easily facilities a pillow and blanket cuddle-up session for reading books, which happens nightly before bed. 
Jared built the white crate for the corner of the room to hold all their blankets. They have so many baby blankets, many lovingly knitted and quilted by friends, and they are beautiful. They have been sitting in a closet for years since I had no where to put them. The crate works perfectly because it is easy for the kids to access the blankets and put them away at night. Plus every time they get used, I remember all the time and love put into making those blankets for each of my three newborn babies.

The dollhouse bookshelf is originally from Pottery Barn and we found it on Omaha Craigslist a few years ago for a hundred bucks. The rocking chair we bought at a garage sale for $10 and a coat of white paint freshened it right up.

The girls love their new room and Bailey was excited to achieve Big Sister Top Bunk status. And while it is technically Bailey's bed, Graham is up there so often you would think he had claimed it as his own.
Are you spying that bookshelf? 
Yep, another honey-do right there. I love that it holds so many books and Bailey has a variety at her fingertips at night without having to climb up and down the ladder.

We still need some decor for the walls, but I want to wait and find something that we really like and that will grow a little with the girls. Oh, and I don't want to spend much money. Are you noticing a trend here?  :)

So we will take our time and add things as we feel like it. Right now I most happy about the missing blue office carpet. 
My only complaint: changing linens on a bunk bed. Ugh.
It's. The. Worst.


  1. Gorgeous! Wow you guys are really handy with decorating and refurnishing. It's awesome when kids love their room. I admit I'm not big on decorating (have no skill for it whatsoever!), but I'm pocketing the shelf on the top of the bunk bed idea. Down the line when my twins will sleep in twin beds, I plan to get bunk beds, and how awesome to have a little shelf nook so he doesn't have to climb down!

    1. Thanks Nina! Decorating isn't my forte, but we are all about finding old furniture to fix up. We both like to see what look we can get without shelling out big money at Pottery Barn Kids or other places - although so much of their stuff is cute!

      The bookshelf is great for bunk beds. Jared made it at least 6 months ago with no location in mind. Once we decided on bunk beds, I knew that was the perfect place for it.

  2. Their rooms looks soooo good! No doubt they love it!
    You guys really do an awesome job with repurposing/decorating things. I wish my hubby would get on board.

    Now listen, I thought you were gonna post your buffet redone as well? I knoooow that looks phenom :)

    1. Right you are, my friend! My goal for the day was to take pictures of the "after" and get the post up sometime today. It will be happening soon. :)


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