Sunday, November 16, 2014


Last night was another conversion van ride (through snow-covered roads) to a concert. It's the third one this year - we road tripped to a random concert last February and then to Cher this summer. 
Truly, the 1995 Econoline just sets the mood for a fun time. 

It was a Tracy Lawrence concert. You might remember him if you listened to country back when country was awesome - aka the 1990s.

But you can't tell we are going to a country concert, can you?
Look at all that plaid...

When we heard earlier this year that Tracy Lawrence was coming to Iowa, we definitely wanted to get tickets. For one, they are cheap as hell. Fifteen dollars? Sign me up.
Reason #2:
The year was 1994 and our grandma Connie never knew what to buy us girls for Christmas. So she goes into WalMart and informs the sales clerk that her granddaughters like country westuurn (how G-Con says it) music and she needs help picking something out. The lady proceeds to come back with VHS tapes of Tracy Lawrence and John Michael Montgomery. She assures my grandma we will love them. And we did - mostly because we thought it was so cool to watch the same music videos over and over again. 
My mom heard "Sticks & Stones" so many times that she probably wanted to take a stick to her eardrums. 

Cut to 20 years later, we buy 3rd row tickets to his concert.

And just like the last time at this venue, we headed for the front of the stage and stayed there. 

We had a good time - we always do together - and when the concert was over we headed to the casino floor.

I am not a huge gambler. Jared and I go maybe two or three times a year, and it is usually because we are in a group like this. But I haven't spent any of my birthday money yet, so I brought along a couple of twenties. My parents like to gamble now and again so I found a seat next to my dad and Beaner and started playing a quarter slot. A few minutes later he wanted to change locations, so I cashed out and followed them. We ended up in the high stakes room. 

And since this is small-town Iowa, the high stakes slots start at a whole dollar. 
I have never played a dollar machine - I am way too much of a tight-ass - but I figured hey, whatever, it's my birthday money. Also, I had a few drinks at the concert and was really going with the flow at this point. I pick a machine, put in the $13 I have left from my twenty, and hit the big red BET button. 
Seven dollars in and my machine starts going nuts.
My brain is working a little more slowly than normal thanks to that Captain and Coke, but the constantly increasing numbers is getting me excited. I yell for my dad that I think I might be winning some real money. 
The machine stops on 480 credits. 
I process for a second. 
Wait, this is a dollar machine! 
A credit is a dollar.

I won $480?!

Night made.

I wish I could show the snapchat video my sister took of me immediately after. I am totally tipsy and fanning myself with my hand because I can't believe I actually won money.

Now, you would think I would be the big winner for the night, right?
Justy's boyfriend Zac put 20 bucks in another machine in this same room and hit $770. And he had never been there before and hardly ever gambled in his life.

We later tried to celebrate our winnings by purchasing some late night McDonald's, but the van window wouldn't roll down in the cold (How could you let us down, Vandie?!) and by the time Jared got out and hit it into working again, it was a minute past midnight and the lady in the drive-thru wouldn't take our order.
Fast Food Fail.

But don't worry, I comforted myself with my winnings.  ;)

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  1. I LOVE you guys' outfits, I swear :) It's so great you're also able to go to concerts and hang out with your friends—so important! And like I mentioned, awesome job with the win! That's crazy and something I always wish happened to me lol.


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