Friday, November 14, 2014

There's just been so much cake...

Well, it's been about an eon. I swear I don't ever mean to take a 3 week blogging vacation, but it happens. Life got busy. Blogging was at the bottom of my list and apparently being a sick person was at the top. For weeks.

So let's recap.

We came back from our Colorado vacation and that next Tuesday was my birthday. 
I'm 30 now, y'all, in case you missed it.
So that week went quickly because I was busy eating cake and stuff.

Flash forward to that Friday night. 
My sisters had long planned to take Jared and I out for an evening to celebrate. We planned to meet at my parents' house and when we were chauffeured there, we were greeted by a joint surprise party. And trust and believe - we were surprised.
We celebrated with {more} cake and some adult beverages.

Jared's dad and step-mom came from Kansas and his mom even drove from Colorado after just seeing us the week before. I was shocked.
So a quiet weekend at home turned into two days of fun entertaining family that we don't get to see very often.

Literally the day we said sayonara to our visiting family, the kids got sick. Sinus infections, waking every hour all night long, generalized whininess... the whole nine yards. They missed school all week and basically drove me up the wall. We toughed it out for approximately 9 days before I had enough. (That's what you get when both your parents are nurses!) Then we spent a couple days going to doctor appointments. 

Their noses crusted up long enough for us to dress them up to go trick-or-treating on Halloween. Yep, we probably spread around colds to the entire neighborhood. My bad.

Please take note of Picture #1...
...and Picture #2.

Graham was not tolerating an actual costume. We listened to about five whole minutes of pitiful crying and screaming and tearing at the hood of his costume before we gave up and let him win. Jared ransacked his dresser upstairs and came up with this outfit. 
His costume? 
We're calling it Dapper Toddler.

It was another weeks of colds (after kicking the sinus infections) and then we loaded up for a weekend trip to Fremont, Nebraska. The girls were to be flower girls in Jodie and Keith's wedding on Saturday. Jodie has been Fe's best friend for the past ten years, and in that time she has come on vacations with us, attended our kids' birthday parties, been around for holidays - you name it. She is family. There was no way we were missing that wedding!

Aunt Beaner was the bride's personal attendant.

Aunt Fe was the Maid of Honor.

Now, I partied with Fe and Jodie and their friends back in college, so I had a pretty good idea of what to expect. But throw in Keith's friends? The beer was flowing and the party was on. 

This picture was taken about two hours in to the dance, so please excuse my sweaty face and ramshackle hair. 
There was a lot of dancing going on people!

I love weddings. I love the opportunity for an open bar, a festive mood, and great music. There was all of those things and more. (The more being the father of the bride down on the floor slapping around doing the dance to "Taking Care of Business.")  

I also love that at weddings my husband turns into this guy:

Some people don't get to see this particular side of Jared, but my husband is F-U-N. When the drinks are flowing and there is a good time to be had, Jared is there building the beer can pyramid and singing to Backstreet Boys' songs with the best of them. We don't get out much together, and when we do, usually someone has to stay in control. But that night there was a shuttle taking us to our hotel so it was game on. I am positive we both were displaying some pretty awesome dance moves for most of the night.

This past week we finally got out to my parents' farm for our annual combine rides. The kids are still small enough that I could fit in there with all three of them and my dad. It was interesting at times - there was always one child trying to yank on the steering wheel - but they loved it. Hopefully next year we won't be sick all month long and they can go out and spend part of a day riding in the buddy seat with my dad.

 Combine selfie!

So that's it. The past three weeks summed up in a few pictures.

Tomorrow night my sisters and I are attending a Tracy Lawrence concert. Like Tracy Lawrence that was on the country charts in the 1990s. Or as we like to call him, Tra-Law. 
Because we have names for everyone. 

So come 9 PM tomorrow night, I am going to be singing "Texas Tornado" like it's 1994. 
You best bring it, Tra-Law!

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  1. Wow busy few weeks, Vanessa! Don't you hate it when you buy a costume then they wear it for two seconds then decide they don't feel like doing Halloween? Grr... They look so cute though! Sorry about them getting sick, but glad they spent time with the fam!


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