Tuesday, December 23, 2014

countdown to Christmas

Christmas is a mere two days away and I am a little saddened by that fact. This year the month of December seemed to fly by. 
I love the house all decorated. At night when the house is picked up and there isn't a toy in sight, I sit down and enjoy the dim glow of the Christmas lights and pine-scented candles. Choir-sung Christmas carols have a way of soothing the emotional exhaustion I feel lately. The house feels festive. The kids are excited. A new (clearance sale!) tree shines brightly in the girls' room. The chaos and joy and celebration of Christmas Day looms closer.

But in the meantime, tasks are to be completed.
A few final presents need wrapped.
Food needs prepared.
There's always laundry to do. Always.
And then there's the usual house cleaning that comes with hosting a holiday party, even though it's just a small, immediate family-only gathering on Christmas Eve. 

So before I depart to clean under dining room booster seats - you always think you do a decent job housekeeping until you check under those bad boys, I leave you with this gem from like 1995 or something.
There are so many comments to be made from this picture...
Have a good laugh at our expense.

Enjoy your last few days of all things merry and bright.

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