Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Graham's 2nd birthday party - Thanksgiving style

Graham turned 2 years old last week and the celebration on his actual birthday was pretty simple. 
It was a Tuesday after all. 
And he's two. 
So we gave him a brownie with some ice cream, and he was a happy camper.
He got both candles on the first attempt.

Aunt Justy came over for supper because she was going to be out of town for the week and would miss Thanksgiving and his birthday party. She bought him a CAT digger set. 

You can't tell that he is excited about it at all, can you?
And as a disclaimer, I want to state that I do attempt to clothe this child. 
They don't seem to stay on. 
Or stay clean.

We continued the birthday celebrating this past Saturday. We had our "real" Thanksgiving meal with just my parents and two out of three (ain't bad, says Meat Loaf) sisters and my mom's parents. 
(We had a soup dinner on Thanksgiving Day, but it just ain't Thanksgiving without a turkey and some mashed taters and gravy, folks!)
As far as celebrations go, this was the lowest that low-key can get. I didn't do any decorating other than the cake. We spent the entire day eating basically. 

But of course there was present opening. And as far as gifts go, Graham received:

  • a car carrier,
  • a skidloader,
  • a tractor,
  • a Gator utility vehicle,
  • a digger,
  • a lawnmower,
  • a Batman motorcycle...
  • and some pajamas.

Noticing a trend? Minus the PJs of course.

Little Man loves his wheels.

 Forget the cake! There are fake hay bales to haul!

And lest I forget, I finally lifted the shoe-buying embargo on Aunt Fe, and she bought her little G a sweet pair of new kicks. 
And while I am at it, is "kicks" even culturally relevant anymore? 
I am totally sounding like a 30 year-old, aren't I?

We eventually drug Graham away from loading hay and pallets with Papa Jeff long enough to sing a quick Happy Birthday and let him blow out some candles on the tractor cake that his parents lovingly decorated and he barely noticed. 

Believe me, he sure liked to eat it though!
But he needed a glass of milk to go with his chocolate cake - just like Papa.


  1. Aww, such great festivities for the little guy! I love your disclaimer about him not wearing any clothes. My youngest daughter is like that! Too funny.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Haha I still say 'kicks' but I don't know if that's helping your cause of whether it's relevant or not lol. Happy birthday to your little guy! My boys especially the toddlers are sooo into cars and trucks too.


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