Thursday, December 4, 2014

Throwback Thursday

As most of you probably know, I started working out and tracking my calories back in April of this year. I don't write about it much because I don't want to bore people to tears, but it is definitely a big part of my life right now, so I thought a little update might be nice.

My weight loss has actually gone really well - despite my love for delicious and less-than-healthy foods at family get-togethers and holidays. I've lost 27 pounds at this point, surpassing my original goal of 20 a few months back. Starting around October I stopped being quite so rigid and am now satisfied losing a pound or (more typically) a half-pound a week. I work out about 5 days a week, sometimes for 30+ minutes and sometimes just for ten. I also have continued logging all my food on MyFitnessPal - something that I think has contributed greatly to my success thus far.

I was looking through photos over the past 12 months in order to make the calendars for family members, something I do every year at Christmas time. When you look at yourself in the mirror every single day, sometimes it is easy to not see progress. 
I couldn't resist a little side-by-side comparison, if only for my benefit.

I remember at the time thinking that that picture from 2013 was really flattering and made my face look thinner. Now I look at it and think, "Whoa, my face looked chubby!" 
And maybe it isn't a big difference at all to others looking at it, but it definitely is to me. 

Occasionally I wish I had taken a full body "before" photo like so many people do. At the time you definitely don't want photographic evidence of your starting point, but later on it would be nice to help you see just how far you have come. 

With the scale not moving as rapidly as it did in the beginning, I am happy to be noticing some non-scale victories lately.

  • Exercise pants I bought back in July are now so loose in the waist that I can't really do an involved workout while wearing my insulin pump because it makes them start to fall off.
  • I thought two pairs of workout/casual pants back in September. At the time I remember thinking, "Yeah they fit, but are they obnoxiously tight...? I will just wear them around the house." Now they are actually not fitted in the thighs anymore. That never happens!
  • I tried on dress pants that I used to wear to church in college. I remember wearing them for the last time on an interview for a nursing internship. That was 2007. Now not only do they fit, they are actually maybe too baggy to even look dressy anymore. 

My goals are constantly changing. 
At first all I really wanted was to lose 15 pounds and get back to my pre-baby weight. At the time I thought, I would give anything to weigh that amount again.
But once I reached that weight I figured I'd try to get to the weight I was on my wedding day. I'm now 7 pounds past that goal. 
My current goal is to reach a healthy weight, which means I still have 8-13 pounds left to lose. Losing 13 more pounds would put me at a healthy BMI - something I haven't been since I was a senior in high school 12 years ago!

I have other non-scale related goals too.
I want to increase my physical strength and stamina for completing workouts.
I'd like to run a 5k next year sometime.
And I am thinking maaaybe even purchase (even wear?) a 2-piece bathing suit next summer...  (Jared is totally rolling his eyes and saying "Reeeeally?" to that one.)  But hey, ya gotta have something to work toward, right?   :)

So if anyone reading this is on a similar weight loss journey, feel free to comment and/or add me on MyFitnessPal. I can always use more inspiration and people to hold me accountable!

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