Tuesday, December 22, 2015

capturing our holiday spirit

Our new computer might be up in running in a newly updated office space (ie: no more green carpet, window, or trim) but that doesn't mean Photoshop is working. Or even downloaded.
So I am presenting to you our Christmas season photos with zero editing or cropping. 
(And really, I would have loved to edit some make-up onto my face in that family photo. Yikes.)

Back in November, when we actually had snow

The kids love their yearly Christmas jammies.

If you know Avery, you will recognize that this is a perfect capture of her "Oh my gosh, seriously, you guys, wait, this story is so amazing" face.

family "Polar Express" movie & popcorn night

The annual coordinating outfits for the church program...

And like a thousand outtakes

They rediscovered our tiny apron collection and now they can't cook a pretend meal in their play kitchen without one on.

Sugar cookie dough = pure enjoyment

All three kids near Santa and no one cried?!

Penning a careful and thoughtful letter to Santa

And then there is my favorite photo.
This year I was so excited to put up the trees in their rooms.  The lights wrapped around their bunk bed and the tree lit across the room just scream holiday spirit to 4 and 5 year-olds. So the tree skirt was meant for a tree about one-fourth of that size and the kids don't actually leave any ornaments on it, it doesn't matter.
This time of year is so special and magical to them that they couldn't handle sleeping in their beds 8 feet from the tree, they had to camp out right in front of it. 

Merry Christmas, everyone! Only 3 days left!

1 comment:

    I mean seriously!

    First, yearly C-mas jammies? Yes!
    Avery's face? PRICELESS (haha sooo makes me laugh!)
    Christmas movie fam night? Always needed! (and everyone's all clean & ready to have messy popcorn faces haha)
    The kids outtakes? hahaha A & G looking at B was awesome ... and who doesn't love "the girls kissing a boy" pic?
    Jealous of the aprons -- I still need one! :(
    Eating raw cookie dough is God's gift to our taste-buds.
    Huuuuuge success with seeing Santa!
    I so know you kept that letter to Santa ... was it her first one?
    And yes, sleeping almost UNDER Christmas lights is far better than 8ft away :)))


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