Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Cleft Update

We're now 2+ weeks out from Bailey's most recent surgery - an adenoidectomy and a lip/nasal revision. 

It's gone basically exactly as we expected.

Our only real instructions upon discharge were for the lip and nasal revision: 
antibiotics for 7 days,
triple antibiotic cream twice a day to her lip incision area,
moistening nasal spray 6-8 times per day,
no swimming,
no blowing of her nose.

She had very minimal pain. She actually never once complained of pain, even the day of the surgery itself. However the second night she had a massive meltdown around bedtime, which is totally out of character for Bailey, and we realized we should have been at least giving her some Tylenol even if she denied pain. For the next few days we did Tylenol about every 5 hours or so, and that prevented it from catching up to her. The main struggle was the nasal spray. You would have thought we were attempting an amputation every time we did it. And we did it 8 times a day. After a few days she finally just resigned herself to it, but it was rough there for awhile.

She had a follow-up appointment last week at 8 days post-op. Her throat looks great; the ENT was pleased. The plastic surgery follow-up was a bit harder on Bailey. Last time around she had a really hard time having the nasal stent removed, and this visit was no exception. It took five of us to hold her down so that he could cut ONE stitch. The other side actually slid right out with ease. Bailey can credit that to her younger sister since Avery accidentally smacked Bailey hard in the nose and not only popped the suture but caused a massive nose bleed which gave her parents quite a fright.

Our plastic surgeon Dr. Miller thought everything was looking really good and wants to see her back in about three months.

Since then, things are back to normal. Bailey is only restricted in one area - nose blowing. He asked her to not blow her nose for another month or so. Don't ask me the reason for that because I have no idea. 

We went swimming for the first time today, and to say Bailey was ecstatic is an understatement. 

Also, the biggest perk of everything, is that Bailey's sleep apnea and overall sleep appears to be dramatically improved. Since those stents are removed, she can breathe through her nose alone. She isn't mouth breathing at night, and her bed remains completely made come morning time. Before surgery she was so restless that she was turning in her sleep sometimes every 10 or so seconds, and her bed was absolutely destroyed every single morning. So the fact that she is getting a restful sleep is HUGE for her.

We're very happy with how well surgery went and that we were able to get everything done this summer well before school starts. 

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