Friday, September 26, 2014

the Solkos in September

Ya know, I thought that once school started, I was going to feel like I had a tiny bit more free time, especially on days with both girls in class.
I thought I might be able to get some exercising in with Graham on those two days a week when both girls are in school.
I pictured myself accomplishing all kinds of tasks. 
I imagined I might even have time to blog or do something I enjoy while Graham played quietly.
The reality?
Nope, not so much.

For one, on the days when both girls are in school, it has rained every single day - with the exception of one. Pretty hard to go on a bike ride or long stroller trek in a constant downpour. 

And two, this school drop-off stuff is basically a pain in my ass. 
Like today: I get all three kids ready, loaded in the car just to get to the school and unload all three just for one child to actually go to school. Then I shepherd the other two back outside (after Graham and/or Avery has thrown a fit because they want to stay and play), load them in the car just to drive back home and unload them again. Then I do it all again 2.5 hours later. 
And while this might not sound like much, if you have ever tried to get my wiggly terror of a 22 month-old into his car seat, you know what I am talking about. 
Completely trying to your patience.
And I get to do it 4 times in one morning. 

Both girls love school though. Their clothes are always picked out the night before and given a lot of thought. Lately Bailey has quite the obsession with headbands, scarves, and her black maxi skirt. 

Meanwhile Avery has been a tad bit addicted to her cowboy boots. In her world they work with every outfit.
Jeans? Naturally.
Gym shorts? Of course.
Easter dress? Why not?

And then there is the G Man.
I want to go on record at this point and state just how much more cooperative my girls were at this age. There weren't temper tantrums or the word "NO!" on constant repeat throughout the day. He is less verbal than his sisters were at this age, so maybe that is his issue. Whatever the reason, he is an absolute terror some days. 
A cute terror.
But still a terror.
And believe me, he has the sucking up, give-Mom-an-I'm-sorry-kiss part down pat.

Other stuff in our world...
We have been checking out garage sales and household auctions for a couple years on the lookout for a buffet/sideboard for our dining room. We wanted one that needed some TLC (ie: minimal cost) that we could re-do on the cheap. It took a while but Jared finally scored one. 

The "before" shot

The price was very, very right due to it being cold and rainy at an outdoor auction on a random Friday night. Since then Jared has refinished/painted it, and I have been picky about exactly what I want on it. It needs one more final touch and I will be ready to show off our upcycled find. 

Also at that same auction, Jared scored another cheap find - a dresser for the girls' room. We installed new carpet in their room along with assembling new bunk beds. The room looks totally different now and much more grown-up with room to play. I will be taking some pictures soon to share.

Also on my to-do list: switching up Graham's room. 
He is still in a crib at the moment but has made it clear he wants his own bed. (He has done this by trying to nap in Avery's bed every day.) While I am not exactly looking forward to giving up the comfort of knowing he is safely imprisoned in his crib, it is probably time. I want to repaint the room (yep, officially tired of nursery-room-neutral green) and he still needs a duvet/comforter. And since we already have Avery's old bed to use, once the bedding is obtained, we are in business. Right now his room is a total mishmosh of random stuff that I don't particularly love, so I am excited to give it some purpose and make it a fun room for a little boy.

Trying to keep my shit together.
Today I took 30 minutes to put months and months worth of photos in the kids' albums - a job I have put off for at least 2 weeks. I could see Graham and Avery in the next room; they were playing decently with a huge mountain of toys. I finish what I am doing and walk in the room. A box of 8 crayons is laying on the floor completely empty. Tucker had chewed all of them and currently we now have large spots of red and black (it couldn't have been yellow?!) crayon melted and ground into the light beige carpet. 
Where is the rumchata when my coffee needs it?

Other randoms lately.
A weekend trip to Omaha.
A new roof for our house very soon.
Looking for a new church.
Etsy orders.
Trying to squeeze in a workout every day.
Planning a week-long vacation to Colorado in about 2 weeks.

That last little item is what is motivating both Jared and me lately. A switch from our normal routine is going to be an extremely welcome change! As will a house in the mountains with an included hot tub. Oh hot tub, how I am looking forward to you... Come on, October!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Down 20

This past weekend, after exactly 5 months of exercising (4 of them calorie counting with MyFitnessPal), I met my initial goal of losing 20 pounds. I had been chugging right along, but then it took me 6 weeks to lose the last 1.5 pounds - ridiculous!
Anyway, I've actually lost 21.2 pounds to be exact. 
But hey, who's counting, right? *wink wink*

It's been great to feel a difference in my clothing, but honestly, I swear I lost 15 pounds from my chin/face alone. Or maybe I am just learning the art of a skinnier looking selfie on Snapchat?
Every pair of pre-pregnancy jeans fits again - not so helpful since they were purchased about 6 or 7 years ago when fading was popular. 
Most of my shirts no longer fit or just look weird because, of course, my boobs defected first. Whatever, they weren't that great anyway...

Obviously my weight loss wasn't super fast. I wasn't dropping three pounds a week, but that wasn't my goal anyway. My goal was to lose weight and keep it off. 
Do I eat pizza? Yes.
Do I eat dessert? Yes.
Do I go out for margaritas and have more than I should? Yes.

I have been "dieting" this whole summer, through backyard cookouts, an anniversary trip, vacations, and s'mores freakin' galore. 

But here is the thing, I want to eat like a normal person. I am not going to pretend like I'm going to permanently refuse chocolate chip cookies or Reese's Peanut Butter pumpkins/trees/hearts/eggs for the rest of eternity. 
Cuz I'm not. 
So why try and lose weight like that?
The challenge for me was to find a balance: to eat healthier food and still eat the things I want within reason, plus keep exercise in the mix. 
And so far it's working. 

I started out thinking, "Yeah, yeah, sure I want to be healthier, but I would trade in healthy for skinny in a heartbeat."
Now my tune has changed. 
I {usually} like exercising. 
I like feeling accomplished when I am done. 
I like the feeling of muscles that are a bit sore the next morning.
And let's get real: I like being able to eat back some most of those calories I burned.

A big challenge for me that most people don't face is my Type 1 diabetes. 
Let me put it simply: it blows.
It takes a lot of fine-tuning to adjust insulin levels with the different forms/intensity of exercise. I can't tell you how many times I worked out, burning off 200, 300 calories and then had a low blood sugar an hour or two later. To bring up a low blood sugar you have to eat something, which just feels like a huge waste and totally counterproductive when you're trying to lose weight. Very frustrating.

And even after months of working to manage it, I still have lows. 
My basal levels (the amount of insulin your body needs throughout the day when not eating food) constantly change when my weight changes or because of less/more exercise. And anyone who is diabetic knows that when your blood sugar is low enough, you want to eat like you will never ever see food again.
Not the best thing for attempting weight loss.

So this post might seem to be a bit of tooting-my-own-horn, but it's my blog and I will do whatever I want I've been working hard and am excited to share my success.

21+ pounds doesn't really sound that amazing, but then I look at Graham. He weighs about 25 pounds now. I look at him and think, "Wow, I was basically carrying him around stapled to my butt?" (And chin. And waist.) 
That visual makes it feel like a real accomplishment.

Friday, September 5, 2014

because this is all the effort I can give today

This week has been full of NyQuil, DayQuil, children's ibuprofen, and grumpy moods.
Damn you, start-of-school sickness.

So in place of real content, check out some pictures my kids (and dog) instead.

Happy Friday!