Jared & Me

I'm Vanessa.
I grew up on a farm in northwest Iowa with my parents and three younger sisters: Felicia (Fe), Catrina (Beaner), and Justina (Justy). My childhood was filled with days of baling hay, pitching manure, building forts, and running around barefoot.

Jared grew up spending time in both Loveland, Colorado and northwest Kansas. His summers were spent camping and fishing, and he swam on multiple swimming teams year round.

We met at Briar Cliff University in Sioux City, Iowa during our freshman year of college. I use the term "met" very loosely. We didn't really talk because we didn't like each other. I thought he was a jerk and he found me annoying.

That all changed in 2005 at a funeral. 
Yes, a funeral. 
The story involves a long car trip, ghetto rap songs, a Dairy Den, a less-than-comfy hide-a-bed, and an all-night conversation that changed my life forever.

And if that isn't the most romantic love story, I don't know what is...
We began dating shortly thereafter and the rest is history.

We both graduated with our nursing degrees from Fort Hays State University in Kansas and got married on June 7th, 2008. In our eight years of marriage we have been blessed with three healthy kids. There have been plenty of bumps along the way, but we are a united front and no one makes me laugh the way Jared does.

Currently Jared works nights as a nurse while I stay at home to care for our children. He is a man of many talents; our house is filled with beautiful pictures he has taken, projects he has created, and delicious food he has cooked. 

For me, my main interest outside of family time is fitness. I discovered a love for exercise back in early 2014, and I keep adding to my routine. Currently I am lifting with my sister Justy two days a week and it's definitely my favorite. 
I've also discovered a newfound love of Bible study - whether independently or with my Bible study group. It really helps me keep the day-to-day struggles in perspective and grow in my faith. And I cherish the friendships I've made with my Bible study ladies.

Together Jared and I like to cook and bake, play board games, and laugh. We also love to travel, but young children tend to put a damper on exotic vacations.

We are living a chaotic life right now, with having three little kids and all, but we try to enjoy all the little moments. And get a nap in whenever possible.