Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Swimming, Shades, and S'mores

Apparently the word of the day is S. {I think I have been watching too much Sesame Street.}

Today we headed out to Twin Lakes where my parents are trying out their newly-acquired RV for the first time. Now that summer is winding down and school is back in session, things were pretty quiet out there. It was nice weather and a perfect day to spend relaxing in lawn chairs and watching the girls get messy - which they did with ease.

Bailey and Avery's instructions for a good time:
Get wet in pool. Get out. Cover yourself with grass and dirt. Get back in pool to rinse off.
And repeat.
And repeat.
Sunglasses are a must-have.
Extra points if they are someone else's and way too big for your face.
This child loves food.
You probably couldn't tell by the huge smile on her face as she receives Pizza Slice #2. 
And this is after eating two packages of fruit snacks, one individual-sized bag of Fruit Loops, multiple bites of brownie and a sippy cup of juice.
This girl can eat!    
{Coincidentally, "eat" is one of her favorite words. Go figure...}
Roasting marshmallows with Daddy

S'mores! {cookie style}
My mom's invention. Easier for the girls to hold on to and cheaper to make thanks to Dollar General brand cookies that cost a whopping $1. And you still get the graham and chocolate.
A win-win.

Sticky fingers. Thankfully that pool was still full of water.
Dirty, rinse, repeat.
All in all a good day.
When the bath water at the end of the night is about as dirty as the lake, you know it was a successful day.

House Progress

Over the past few days Jared and I have been working steadily to add some more personal touches to our home - aka hang a picture or two. Gradually the storage closet under the stairs has been cleaned out of wall art and family photos. Boxes of decorations have been slowly unpacked, aided by our two overly-eager little helpers.  It's not all up yet. It takes time to decide where you want to hang everything. And while we haven't even touched the upstairs yet, we have made some progress on our main floor.

And I had to include some candids from our impromptu photo shoot.
Bailey struck a pose on the steps for my camera while Avery took advantage of my distraction to explore her favorite location in the house: the storage container cupboard.


That's all for now.
I hope to take more pictures as things keep getting accomplished - maybe include some before and after shots so everyone can truly appreciate the work Jared went to to paint over all the maroon and neon pink and royal blue colors in the house.
But for now we are still a work in progress....

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


I have become a reading addict.

Well, actually I have always been one. I am the family bookworm. There are home videos of my younger sisters running around, Justy probably playing with a fluffy kitten or something, and me engrossed in a book. And I had glasses. I know. Total Geek Alert.
For the most part I prefer reading to watching a movie or TV. (With the exception of watching my main man Jim Caviezel kick some ass on Person of Interest. Seriously love that show.)

Currently I have been completed absorbed into the Outlander series.
I got the recommendation off a baby website of all places. Someone was asking for great book recommendations and after about eight different people suggested this book, I decided I should probably check it out. So I logged on to my faithful website www.goodreads.com (love this place!) and looked up the deets. I decided to check out the first book and see what I thought.

I headed down to the local library. I figured seeing as the book was published in 1991... there probably wasn't going to be much of a wait list... The librarian led me immediately to the correct aisle - singing the book's praises along the way - and I was set. Unfortunately I read another book ahead of this one that a few other online readers said they loved. Yeah... not so much. {Sorry John Irving, but I just couldn't bring myself to give a crap about Owen Meany and the prayers being said for his scrawny butt. But I hate being a quitter, so I suffered through that dreadful, long, drawn-out book for over a month. Bleh.}

So now I am on Book 3 of 7 (soon to be 8) and they are like crack. Don't get me wrong - I am not saying these are Nobel Prize winning pieces of literature. But damn are they entertaining. At least for the female audience. Obviously it's a good book if it's got me thinking kilts and red hair are sexy. {No offense intended to all you ginges out there.}

I love reading. Books take you to a different place and let you be a different person, in a different life for a while. It's escapism at its finest.
I find myself hoping for a slow day at work so I can squeeze in a few pages. Or I am dead tired at night once Jared leaves for work, but somehow I still end up in bed reading until midnight. Oops!
So seeing as it's rapidly approaching 11 pm, I should probably go get at least a couple pages in...  ;)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Things I love

bedtime tickle sessions

the nest of itty-bitty baby bunnies in our yard

15 minute power naps on the couch

salads with bacon. lots of bacon

Bailey and Avery chasing bubbles

baby kicks

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

24 weeks

On Tuesday this week I had an OB appointment. I am now 24 weeks along.
It was nothing exciting - just the usual:
weight (total gained of 20 lbs, although none gained in the past 6 weeks...clearly I put it on early!)
measurements (right on track)
and baby's heart rate (142)

Then a quick reference to my blood sugars:
Doc: How have your sugars been?
Me: They have been great.
Doc: Good.
[End of discussion.]
Seriously, he could at least feign some interest. He is my doctor after all! Isn't he at least supposed to pretend to care?? I feel bad for a first-time pregnant diabetic mom using this office...
{This isn't the first time I have said a silent prayer of thanks that I had my first two kids in Omaha with outstanding prenatal care and an amazing endocrinology team.}

The visits are usually pretty short. And honestly, my OB isn't my favorite doctor ever. My first impression wasn't great, but being high-risk severely limits my options. This isn't Omaha and I am kind of stuck with who I have.

And speaking of first impressions...

He is looking over my labs and remarking about how well I am doing and says to me out of the blue:
"I have to be honest, when you walked in here for your first visit and I looked over your history, I thought to myself, 'Wow, another non-compliant patient. She is going to be a total train wreck.' But you aren't. You could probably be teaching my other patients how this is done. I guess I have to admit I was wrong."
First of all, who even says that?!
And second of all, I truly can't believe he even thought that.

I work in health care. We all make snap judgments on patients from the first moment we see them, especially if you've read a particularly juicy H&P.  But really??? What exactly made me seem like I would be a "train wreck"?

I showed up the week before for a patient "interview" where I gave them my complete health history. I even had all my previous prenatal records and labs faxed to the office beforehand (which clearly he didn't look at). I arrived early, with Jared in tow, for my first appointment. And compared to the collection of visible Pooh tattoos and stained sweatpants-turned-cut-off-shorts I saw in the waiting room, I would say I was dressed very nicely. When I met my doctor, we chatted about how both Jared and I are nurses and how we previously worked at the Med Center, where he completed his residency. My labs have always been in the excellent range during both pregnancies, just as they are now.

I literally laughed when he said this to me. Anyone who knows me knows that I am far from non-compliant and probably a tad more on the overzealous side. 
When I told my mom about it, she replied, "Did you tell him that your first impression was that he was an ass? Because one of you was right."   Yep. Kinda true...

Oh well.  Only 15 weeks left.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Summer, where'd you go?

Where has the summer gone??? {Or as Bailey would ask, Summer, where ah you?}

I feel like I blinked and August is almost half over. I wanted way more pool days, trips to the park, and afternoons filled with no obligations.

Somewhere in the painting and moving frenzy, I feel like we lost a lot of time. And now that the haze has started to clear (ie: I no longer feel overwhelmed just walking into my own house), it feels like autumn out already! Don't get me wrong - I love nights sleeping with the windows open and the a/c off, but I am not ready to put away the tank tops and flip-flops just yet.

I realize I haven't taken many pictures of our day-to-day happenings like I usually do. I need to get back into that snap-happy habit again. Here are a few from the past weeks.

Helping Mom make cookies
{clearly the hair and outfit were done independently this day...}

Checking out the sidewalk chalk - a surprise in the mail from Grandma Cathy

Bailey and the only way she will let me put her hair up: prize-winning shih-tzu style

Swinging in the new backyard

We have been enjoying the backyard. A lot. We have become those people with toys scattered everywhere, but I am okay with it. Our porch swing from our old house has been hung and we have already sat outside and listened to the rain. (My favorite.)

Tonight I am excited for a night out.
Aunt Justy volunteered to watch the girls for us.
And while most would think it is out of the generosity of her heart or because she misses the little rug rats who broke into her room and tucked teddy bears into her bed at night, I know the truth: she wants an excuse to eat hot dogs and nasty boxed mac-n-cheese! {And watch Disney movies.}
Thanks Justy!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Move complete

We're done. After a couple trailer loads of crap and another trip down to our old house, everything is under one roof.

Thank God for my family that helped us move. Again. 

My parents, along with Catrina, Justy, and my (always-helpful) cousin Matt helped us haul everything over to the house all day Sunday.
Hands-down the best attribute of my family is that they are willing to work for food {and maybe a case of beer once the work is done}.
We are a pretty low-key group. No one was getting bossy about how to load up the furniture or getting whiny about all the work there was to do. We took frequent breaks to sit and eat  - because that is what we do best. There were very few casualities; just a cracked vase and a shattered casserole dish. All in all, not bad.

I spent a good 5 hours yesterday working on the kitchen - by myself - with both Bailey and Avery plastered in front of the TV watching Barney, Sesame Street, Arthur, Clifford and whatever else PBS had to offer. {Don't hate. DVR is made for days like these!}

It was overwhelming. I had to move box after box to even be able to move about the house normally, so eventually boxes made their way to the correct room - even if I just left them there. I shouldn't be surprised, but man, do we have a lot of cooking stuff... Our new kitchen is by no means small, but there is no way everything is going to fit. So as you can imagine, our basement is full of things I didn't feel like dealing with at that exact moment. And probably not even within the next month.

But today, my wonderful mama came to help out. We worked solid from 11 - 6:30 with only a small ten minute break to feed the girls some lunch. It's amazing how much more motivated I was with someone there forcing me to pick a project to work on. It's almost like my brain couldn't decide where to start because there was just  so much

We were able to finish off quite a few rooms: the main bathroom, the spare bedroom, the girls' room, the nursery (Avery's room for the next few months), and the breezeway/den room. My mom was even a champ and attacked the garage. {We actually have walking room now! Imagine!} Boxes were everywhere and it didn't help much that Jared returned from a massive trip to Walmart with even more things for us to unpack and organize. But slowly, and with some last minute help from Justy, we started crossing things off the long to-do list. It feels so much better to quickly locate your toothpaste and know that you won't stub your toe trying to climb through your closet for some underwear at night.

Overall I just feel very happy.

Even in the clutter of the mid-move, I feel content.
I am excited for normal.
For days when I can sit out on the shaded patio and watch the girls play together in the backyard. For nights when both Jared and I can just relax and not worry about the next task of hanging curtains or installing new doorknobs. But despite those feelings of I-really-should-be-doing-[insert task]-right-this-second that plague me, I am already enjoying our new space and looking forward to all the days ahead.
Life is good.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

It's Moving Day!


It has finally arrived - the day in which we will {again} pack up all our stuff and haul it elsewhere. Thankfully this time "elsewhere" is about 5 blocks away.

So I am sure over the next few days I will be M.I.A., busily trying to locate important items that were thrown in random boxes and organizing our new house.

Wish us luck!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

babies in boxes

Boxes were the "it" toy this morning.

And after they eventually tired of repeatedly loading and unloading all their stuffed animals and various other toys,
they loaded themselves.

Bun-Bun had to get in on the box-sitting action, too.