Tuesday, July 29, 2014

a little Etsy love

Most of you know that my husband has his own Etsy shop named Brand New To Me. He is always trolling the internet to find new ideas and inspiration and regularly raids a family member's old barn for wood. It gives him a chance to escape the house and be creative, plus he has a built-in excuse to wander around Menard's for a "deal" or two.

So with little to no shame I am going to showcase a couple of his new creations.

rustic pallet and barn wood shelf

wooden serving tray

shabby chic beach crate shelves

He is mid-project on creating at least one or two other new items. After months of pretty slow business, July proved to be busy with many custom orders and more currently in the works. Soon he will start building up a supply of Christmas items, because if this holiday season is anything like last year, he will need a surplus of stocking holders. (He literally took our own personal one of the wall and sold it to someone else while he made another because he was taken by surprise with how many sold.)

And as always his shop button is on the right-hand side of my page. 
And any local Iowa peeps can hit him up for a deal; without Etsy's cut and shipping costs, he has a little more wiggle room in the price. 


  1. Wow those are really nice! I especially like the tray. I'll click through his site.

  2. He really does nice work! I HATE when I order something and if feels (or looks) cheap. His stuff is obviously well made, solid stuff -- and REALLY -- not some fabricated crap! I could totally see all of these things in my house :) I've been looking for a serving tray for a variety of reasons. I probably "liked" a bazillion yellow and gray things on my Etsy because I'm diggin' yellow, gray, orange and teal together ... I'm tired of all things brown. We have brown furniture, brown walls, floors, etc. Time for some color!!

  3. Wow! You certainly have a great thing going on with your husband. Those are some fine designs. Thanks for anchoring your hubby's Etsy shop into your personal website. That will really help a bunch, indeed. All the best to the both of you!

    Ed Campbell @ Champion Online Marketing


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