Saturday, May 21, 2016

run, Bailey, run!

We all survived elementary track & field day.
Just barely. 

I enjoyed it. I get a kick out of the little kids. You can tell which ones are already super competitive and which ones are laid back. A stray toddler ran on to the track to run after a relative. Many shoes went flying as their owners wove in and out of lanes during that long 50 meter sprint. It was entertaining.

Bailey was excited to run, but I think she was more focused on trying to locate us in the stands than on her actual race.

Speaking of the stands...
He barely survived the track meet.
Have I mentioned that this kid is adventurous with zero fear?

As the races were finishing up, we sat next to a friend in the stands. She was telling me that her son was afraid of the bleachers because she warned him that he could fall through if he wasn't careful. I'd already told Graham the same thing, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to reiterate. 
Not even 60 seconds later, Graham fell off the 2nd-top-the-top row of bleachers, looking like a game of pinball all the way down to the bottom where he hung above the ground by his elbow.

That was game over. He didn't come back from that one. Although he wasn't really hurt, he was already tired from missing his nap, and the fall just added insult to injury. Off he went, home with Jared. 

There were no winners at the track meet. No one was measuring or keeping tally of anything, which was nice. They all just got to try their hands at the different running and field events, and everyone was having a good time.

Bailey did well at long jump, although I missed her best jump since I was dealing with the injured 3 year-old climber.

That long, curly ponytail makes me smile.

The day finished up with some tug-of-war competitions.
I am not exaggerating when I say that Bailey took this very seriously.
I've never seen her so competitive. 
She went straight to beast mode. 
She was pulling on that rope so hard, she started basically stealing rope from the other team and ended up near the middle of the entire rope by the end. Her enthusiasm got a lot of laughs from the crowd, and she was beaming with pride when her team won.

It's a good thing that it was enjoyable because we have a lot of these days in our future.

Monday, May 16, 2016

May photo randoms

Birthday Breakfast: Daddy's Famous Cinnamon Roll + 5 candles

Grandma Snuggles

Grandpa Wheelbarrow Rides

New in the Solko household
It's like that weird extra room was just waiting for this piano to show up and complete it.

Ladies' Tea at church

I thought digital cameras made it fool-proof and virtually impossible to cut off someone's head. 
Guess not. 

Tiny bowls for tiny chefs

The hat and pink aviators. 
Be still my heart.

Planting with Daddy

A scolding from Daddy

 Back yard chillin' and cupcakes with Papa Alan

Always Fighting/Kicking/Pinching/Hitting/Arguing

"Push me, Papa!"


Photography by Bailey

 Photography by Graham

Photography by Avery


Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Avery's 5th Birthday Weekend

Avery is five years old.
That seems way too old and not quite old enough at the same time. This child has been acting five for at least two years.

It was a full weekend, let me tell ya. 
For the first time ever, we had every grandparent present at the same time for a birthday party. (With the exception of my grandpa Lyle who was at home being a sick party pooper.)

And since everyone was present and this might never happen again, I made everyone pose for a picture. Cathy and I planned the spot in advance, I put it on rapid-fire-self-timer mode, and even Tucker was nice enough to hop in and humor me. 

There wasn't really a theme. Since Avery loves anything art, we took all her drawings and paintings and threw them up on the wall. Add in balloons, and other randomness and there ya have it. She requested a strawberry cake and I made chocolate cupcakes for the chocolate addicts on the Ellis side, along with a big supper for everyone.

Happy 5th Birthday, Avery Josephine!

More weekend photos coming soon.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Mother's Day

I got some cute things for Mother's Day. 

Avery made me a heart necklace at school. The heart was a mold of her thumbprints. 
Really sweet. 
The not so great part, she decided it was for her to wear and lost it within an hour.

Bailey made like approximately 21 cards in the days leading up the Mother's Day. One of them featured a picture of her and her dad holding hands. 
Hmmm... okay...
She did make a very beautiful painting at school complete with a rainbow and a portrait of me. With a bright red face. (Apparently she was picturing post-workout Vanessa when she colored that one.)

Jared is a very thoughtful gift-giver and this year was no exception. Along with scoring a sweet clearance deal on a make-up bag I was wanting/needing, he also made me this sign with my favorite verse from Romans 12:12.
And it's so cute, why not make more for sale on Etsy too, right?!  :)

Since we had family here all weekend for Avery's birthday party, it was a full family Mother's Day. We went to church, ate lunch out, and spent the afternoon outside planting and enjoying the sun.

I love these little people who are all just as crazy as their father and me. (And aunts. And grandpa Jeff.)