Thursday, September 1, 2016

Back To School {3 hours of Quiet!}

As of today, the girls have been back to school for a full week. Thankfully we have all slipped back into the familiar routines fairly quickly and painlessly. 

Bailey is now in 1st grade. She was the most excited and ready for school. And if her pose doesn't already spell it out, she had zero hesitation about jumping into a new school year.

Avery was okay with the idea, but not overly excited about it. 
{Hence that over-done forced smile.}

Avery has the same teacher that Bailey had last year, so Bailey had been giving her all kinds of "tips" about what to expect in kindergarten. 
Sometimes it really pays to have a big sister.

I tried to get Avery to contain her enthusiasm, but she just couldn't manage it...
*insert laughing with tears emoji here*

And man, I just can't believe it, but our BABY(!) started school this year too.
Graham already loves school, and proudly shows off his Paw Patrol bookbag to everyone he sees while walking through the halls.

Wasn't it just yesterday that we were taking this exact same photos on Bailey's first day of preschool?

That first morning, after preschool was over, I stood waiting for him in the school entryway at pick-up time, and he ran up to me for a big hug, telling me immediately, "I had the BEST day!"
Music to every parent's ears.

So with Graham off to school four mornings a week, I'm left with almost three hours of silence. And while I've actually only really had one morning so far, it was amazing. Just amazing.

My goal with my newly found "free time" is to accomplish things and get them out of the way so that I don't need to worry about doing them when I can be spending time with the kids or Jared. So like doing laundry without a kid helping me put in each and every single piece of clothing in separately (and slowly). Or scrubbing the floor and enjoying the two hours it stays clean. Ya know, truly exciting mom things like that.