Saturday, January 28, 2012

Tis the Season...

This past week has been a little rough to say the least.

Last weekend Jared got sick with the flu. And mid-week when he thought he was over the worst of it, it got even worse. And then I got it, too. Awesome. 2 sick parents + 2 healthy active kids = Not cool. Both of us were cuddled up in blankets on the couch in the fetal position while Bailey and Avery stared at us in confusion. Eventually we did have to drag our aching bodies off the couch and go feed them.

When the mere thought of food makes you want to vomit, it takes real dedication to suck it up and prepare food for someone else. {Bailey and Avery: Don't ever say we didn't do anything for you.}  Jared was feeding Avery pureed peas and sweet potatoes when the smell finally got to him. He went to the bathroom and threw up for 10 minutes... then returned to the table to continue feeding her.  [Dedication, like I said.]

While it took Jared about 6 days to feel back to normal, I felt better within 24 hours. (Thank God. Someone had to feed, bathe, and supervise the children!)  We are keeping our fingers crossed the girls have superhuman immune systems and won't get it. {Believe me, Bailey is whiny enough lately.}

In between whining sessions, Bailey has been mildly entertaining today. During breakfast she purposely threw her spoon on the floor and just stared at me. I gave her my best disapproving-Mommy look.
She met my gaze and said, "Funny!" and laughed.
I told her, "No, it's not funny. You can't throw your spoon."
She replied, "Yes funny."
I said back, "No."

.....  Wait? Am I really arguing with a child that isn't even 2 yet?
Okay Bailey, you win this round.

We did paint her toenails today though. She was excited to do it. Now that they're done, she keeps saying "pretty" over and over. 

You have such weird little toes, Bailey Boo.  :) 
And why do little kids' toes overlap all funky like that sometimes?
Oh well, toes always look cuter with some bright pink polish.

So thankful to have girls.
{Feel free to check back in about 10 years and remind me that I said that.}

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Adventures of the Solko sisters

Lately we haven't bothered putting up a baby gate outside of Bailey's room because she knows how to take it down.

"Take it down" can happen one of two ways:
1)  Pull up as hard as you can on the latch and move the gate aside.             
2) Get a running head start and throw all your body weight into the gate.

{Both are highly effective, but she finally figured out Option #1 after a few too many bruises from using Option #2.}

So it's girl scout cookie season... Jared brought home a few boxes that he bought from a coworker. We cracked into the Lemonade cookies for a little after-dinner dessert. The next morning I opened up the package and packed two cookies to take to work. I must not have made sure I put the cookie box in the center of the kitchen counter...

Around 8 AM Bailey awakens Jared. She has been waking up at 7:15, so he wonders why she let him sleep in so late. Then he sees it... the empty box of cookies and Bailey finishing off the last one as she smiles up at him. Almost a whole box of cookies. Gone. She isn't even two yet and this girl is polishing off a box of cookies like a seasoned pro!

And later that same day, Bailey only took a half hour nap about 4 hours later than usual. What a coincidence...

Avery's adventures are much more tame by comparison. {They about have to be when you can't yet walk and can only crawl in reverse - the opposite of the direction you are intending to go.}

Today we were at Fe's house for the day to hang out and get some auntie-time in. I was sitting with Avery on my lap. Fe was getting her to laugh. We could tell she had just pooped, but we could see she was still working on adding more to that amount (lots of cute little baby grunts). So we were waiting. Then she gives one big squeeze... and liquid poop squirts straight up out of the back of her diaper. 

Now I have been pooped on before by both my children, but never have I seen one do a realistic impression of Old Faithful. {Girl has some power back there!}

Some clean-up was done over the bathtub (insurance policy!) and we were as good as new. Okay, not really - I still had pooped on pants, but Avery was happy, so I went with it.

And apparently the best time to have a little milk snack is after a big ol' poo. Who knew?

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Before the blog

Blogging has come naturally because I have always liked to write. Before I started blogging, I kept journals. Each has its own advantages. I like blogging because it allows some of our family and close friends to stay up-to-date on our daily happenings - things that they might miss out on otherwise. It's nice to post photos and share hobbies. And, to be honest, I like getting feedback from people telling me how they like to read it or that they get a laugh now and again.

I have always kept a journal, starting at the tender age of 11. All the way back in 1995 I received my first one as a birthday present. I was hooked. I would write about all things, good and bad. I would write about friends that were "mean" to me that week and my constant, unwavering elementary school crush on Nick Nehman. {There were all of 4 boys in my elementary school class, so I didn't have much of a chance to switch it up.} I detailed sleep-overs with friends and kept a nice - ahem, very mature - list of "people's hearts I wanted to rip out." Geesh... Lots of pent-up grade school hostility! My 11 year-old self also wrote poems such as this one:

A friend is nice,
A friend is neat.
Like sugar and spice,
Without a friend, you aren't complete.

Not only does that "poem" make ZERO sense, it's also just so so SO horrible. Please have a laugh at my expense.

In middle school it helped me get out all of those horrible, typical middle school-ish feelings. {You remember middle school, right? Or are you successful in keeping it blocked from your memory?} High school writings were full of stories of who was dating who and first kisses, and my constant judgement on all those things of course.

My college writings are far less embarrassing. I wrote about classes and the changes that happened to high school friendships. I talked about the process of making all new friends and becoming more independent. I also describe the first weeks after meeting Jared back in 2005 (I was so very smitten to say the least):

"His laugh is contagious and I can't help but laugh, too. He knows me on a level that just can't be explained. I've never been this happy before. He's everything I was looking for and had never really realized."

Awww.... aren't I sweet? ;)

I realized looking at my last journal that I hadn't written since early 2009. That's a long time ago. That was TWO KIDS ago. I realized I need to get back to journaling. Blogging is wonderful, but there are some things you might feel like writing that don't need to be out for everyone to read (ie: previously mentioned hit list). So I picked up my journal, picked up my pen, and I got to work.

Hopefully ten years from now I won't be quite as embarrassed  by the things I wrote as I was today when I looked back. But that is some of the beauty in keeping a journal. You see growth. You can see the changes. You can relive the emotions you felt as you were writing. So ten years from now when my girls are that age and are behaving ridiculously, I can pull out my old journal and remember just how big of an idiot I was, too. If it weren't for the laughs I get from reading it, trust me, I would have burned it a long, long time ago.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Cathy (Jared's mom) bought us a professional quality camera for our combined birthday/Christmas present this past year. So Jared has been slowly learning how to use all the features. {I, meanwhile, take a mean picture using my old friend: "auto" mode.} The girls and I have attempted to be models for his practice photo shoots. Now that we have kids, I have tremendous respect for people who photograph children professionally. Sheesh! They are so uncooperative! However, Avery is a lazy little baby slug in no hurry to be on the move, so she is now our captive audience.

So here is a sample...

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Hello 2012!

The Solkos had a less-than thrilling New Year's Eve. I was on call for work and at Beaner's apartment in Omaha, where I drove some (already tipsy) girls to a bar to celebrate. I arrived home at 11 to find everyone asleep. I rang in the new year alone while pumping on the couch. Ho-hum... And come to think of it, the last fun (ie: involving alcoholic beverages) new year's celebration that I celebrated was waaaaaay back in 2005. Wow. Lame-o. But I suppose things are a bit different now... {like I have a job and kids}. Oh well. One of these years we will party it up in style - assuming the world doesn't end this year of course.

2011 was good to us.

We got to take a trip to Denver and visit Jared's mom's family. 
And Jared's Grandpa Norm got to meet Bailey for the first time.

We celebrated Bailey's first birthday in February...

and then welcomed another little handful in May.

Avery Josephine Solko


Summer brought a lot of fun and parties to celebrate great moments in the lives of some of our favorite people.

Justy, my youngest little sis, turned 21 in July! And it's a good thing that it only happens once, too.

Say whatever you like about us, but we know how to have fun!


My cousin Alan married Tierney in August.

I feel lucky to have two cousins that are more like brothers to us.
{And I know the picture is horrible and blurry, but I love it anyway.}

Our friend Shelby married JD in September. And as every bride fears, it rained on her wedding day.
Despite the rain monsoon, the ceremony and reception were beautiful and the night was epic.
[and here is my official apology for kinda sorta knocking over the bar... Sorry Stoolmans!]

Not everything was rosy and wonderful (ie: most of the month of May), but we got through it together. And the hard times make you appreciate the wonderfulness of ordinary, run-of-the-mill days along with the days of joy and celebration. 

I hope for happiness for you all in 2012!