Sunday, June 26, 2016

Colorado vacation: Well, we did that.

The Ellis family took a week-long trip to Colorado last week. We rented a house in Breckenridge (lukewarm review pending) and spent a lot of hours in the great outdoors.

We caravaned out in three cars and most of us spent our first night at Jared's mom's house in Loveland, while a few beer-loving souls travelled on to Golden, Colorado for a tour of the Coors factory the next morning. Instead of beer, the rest of us loaded up on breakfast food and coffee, Graham included. 

Our started off our first full day with a sisters (and boys) workout early that morning. We ran along a creek through town and stopped later for a gondola ride and other random photo ops.

We spent the afternoon exploring the town and buying souveniers. 

It was a busy and active week. We took a few different hikes. The first was much longer and tougher than we had planned. It was up to a waterfall and it took us a good 3 hours. Bailey came along and was leading the group the entire time. 

The second hike was much easier and only about 30 minutes uphill. We came to a small lake and ate our picnic lunch and checked out the trout swimming around.

The last hike was basically a tiny walk to a scenic overlook of Lake Dillon. And home of countless hungry chipmunks.Adults and kids alike got a huge kick out of feeding them.

We spent one morning white water rafting - which was so much fun! It was through Brown's Canyon on the Arkansas River and rated an "intermediate" level. It was a great trip to start with, but it would be fun to do an advanced rafting trip next time. The guys were in the front of the raft, so they took the brunt of all the cold water (around 40ยบ) but we all got our share of freezing cold water at one point or another. 

We relaxed as well, hitting up a local brewery or two and hanging out in the hot tub at night. One night we played The Game of Things and were laughing till we were crying. (If you haven't played it, you really need to.) We also celebrated Fe's 30th birthday with a small surprise for her one night. 

The trip was memorable for all of us. The mountains were new to all of my sisters, and they all left wanting to come back soon. And I think a few of us were bit by the hiking bug - including Bailey! We all had fun, and who knows, maybe there is another Colorado trip in the future for us sisters some day.  :)