Monday, May 16, 2016

May photo randoms

Birthday Breakfast: Daddy's Famous Cinnamon Roll + 5 candles

Grandma Snuggles

Grandpa Wheelbarrow Rides

New in the Solko household
It's like that weird extra room was just waiting for this piano to show up and complete it.

Ladies' Tea at church

I thought digital cameras made it fool-proof and virtually impossible to cut off someone's head. 
Guess not. 

Tiny bowls for tiny chefs

The hat and pink aviators. 
Be still my heart.

Planting with Daddy

A scolding from Daddy

 Back yard chillin' and cupcakes with Papa Alan

Always Fighting/Kicking/Pinching/Hitting/Arguing

"Push me, Papa!"


Photography by Bailey

 Photography by Graham

Photography by Avery


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  1. Now that is some good life happenin' in these pictures -- even the scolding and hitting/kicking ones haha Because that's what life is ... the fun, sweet, precious, grumpy, not pretty and down right ugly ... its ALL those things. That's what makes it beautiful!


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