Thursday, August 27, 2015

The day is finally here: Kindergarten

Our baby started preschool today.

Can you even believe it?
Here she is all smiles and looking thrilled to begin a new school year - complete with school lunches and access to the whole playground at recess - but the morning was a bit rough...

Jared woke her up and immediately she burst into tears. I don't know if it was the fear of the unknown that is the first day of kindergarten or tears because Sister loves her sleep.
She cried while getting dressed and getting her hair done. She cried on the way down the stairs and while her breakfast was prepared. (Homemade chocolate chip pancakes - her favorite.) She continued to sniffle and tear up while eating. All the reminders of the fun she was going to have at school made no difference. So we loaded up her new Disney princesses backpack and took pictures anyway. 

With the help of her siblings, she turned on a smile and some of the fear was forgotten.

Some before school sillies.

While Bailey was away learning and stuff, Avery and I were busy preparing a delicious after-school treat.  
Classic Mint Chocolate Brownies by Mel's Kitchen Cafe. 
(Mel is Jared's online homegirl. We are constantly making food from her website.) 
Bailey has started to get choosy about what desserts she prefers and is offering her opinion on which recipes we should try. She's been requesting this one since she saw a picture of it while Jared was browsing. 

Three o'clock arrived pretty quickly and back in the car I went.
I picked Bailey up in the entryway of the school and she ran to me like an airport scene out of a movie. Makes you feel loved. ;)
Her teacher said she had an excellent day and once I left, she adjusted immediately. No more tears. The unknown is scary - sometimes even for me as an adult - so I don't fault Bailey for being afraid. I'm just glad to know she was able to shake it off and have fun.

Once home Bailey told us about her day while she wolfed down two of those brownies. (Although I should caution Bailey to not get too used to homemade dessert for her snack every day. I'm not that awesome.)

She filled us in on the important stuff like, you know, what was for lunch.
When asked about her favorite part, she quickly answered: Recess.
She's got this school thing down already!

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  1. Yay, glad the rest of her day went well, even if it started off in tears. Our eldest also cried this year more because of the chaos at school. Too many kids and parents with no one knowing what to do haha.


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