Sunday, February 21, 2016

Bailey turns 6

I can't believe it. How has it already been 6 years?
I'm going to blink and she's going to be in college!

It's true how time seems to go by more quickly with each passing year.

The birthday girl chose a pink and purple heart themed party. 
Which was amazing for me since her birthday is 5 days after Valentine's Day and stores were covered in pink and hearts alike.

As usual we baked and decorated her cake.

I also baked dozens and dozens of heart-shaped cookies for both her school birthday treats and for her birthday party at home. We also threw in some number 6 and letter B cookies for variety's sake.

My sisters never stop reminding me that Bailey is a mini version of me.
And I can't deny it when looking at this picture.
There is a home movie where I am making this exact excited/overjoyed-at-a-gift face when I got a particularly ravishing multi-colored blouse (complete with over-sized collar) at the age of 8 or so. If I could put a snippet of that VHS tape on this blog as Exhibit A, I definitely would.

This birthday girl is always happy when there is dessert to eat - especially cake that she got to choose herself.

Happy Birthday Bailey Boo!

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  1. Such a big girl now -- and BEAUTIFUL!
    The cake turned out awesome. Looked delicious and very girlified -- right up Bailey's alley haha


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