Tuesday, April 12, 2016

found on my phone

I don't take photos with my phone much. If it's handy, sure. But if the photo is even somewhat important, I try to get out the good camera. 
So that means that lots of the photos on my phone are slightly blurry or downloaded from a Snap I took and sent to family.

And what usually happens is that I forgot I ever took them, and I am surprised to randomly find them months later.

Like this one last month before Boo's first concert.

Easter morning, anxiously awaiting the egg hunting

Have I mentioned this guy is obsessed with stealing my coffee?
Some days I will take one or two drinks, leave to do something for a few minutes and come back to find the entire mug empty.
And then I find him, and he is smiling really, really big.

This lady taking a nap on me in the doctor's office (Hour #2).
It seems there are seasons in parenting: all-night feeding season, diapers, constant activities, the teen years... 
But is there supposed to be a UTI season?
We're still trying to get to the bottom of all the issues, and we're trying whatever we can think of.
Currently: chiropractic. 

Photography by Avery Jo.
She really captured his essence, don't you think?

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