Saturday, May 9, 2015

Garth, the second time around

Many of you probably already know, but I'm a pretty big Garth Brooks fan. Like I owned his first album (and every one after that) on cassette big. 

I attended one of his concerts way back in 1996. And it was glorious. I'm pretty sure I used an entire Kodak single use camera to produce the world's crappiest concert photos. Right now it irks me something fierce that I can't find the photo of my friend Sarah and me in our matching concert t-shirts to prove how awkward awesome our 12 year-old selves looked. 

So sometime last year when Garth announced he was going back on tour again, I informed Jared and anyone who would listen that I would be seeing him again in concert. No matter what. And this past Thursday night we made that a reality.

It took 3 different shifts of babysitters and a cleaning of one closet filled with old high school junk, but we were on our way to Omaha's opening night of Garth Brooks' 2015 World Tour. 

Of course, no concert road trip is complete without the Econoline van. 
Honestly, I should give it its own tag on this blog. 
She's seen better days, but after a quick battery charge and a thorough clean-out since being placed in storage back in December, we were ready to go.

And remember that closet that needing cleaning out? 
It was an absolute necessity that I wear my original Garth tee.
A necessity I tell you!
Thank God my mom is organized and loves me so.
Check out that vintage loveliness.
Pretty hot, right? 
And I got more than one compliment on this beaut, I will have you know!

We consumed some delicious burgers, onion rings, and beer and then headed to the concert.

We were waaaay up in the stands, maybe 15 rows from the top. But it absolutely did not matter. The roar of the entire crowd was something I've never heard before. When the countdown to Garth began, it was electric in there. 

We stood up for basically every single song (yes, even way up high everybody was standing) and the entire crowd sang along to every word.
And it was L-O-U-D.
Halfway through I looked at Felicia and shouted, "I'm going hoarse!"
It was by far the best concert I have ever attended. 
He sang my favorite song ("Shameless" just FYI) so life was good. But really, it was such a great concert, every song felt like your favorite song. 
Garth's still got it.

I would go again in a heartbeat.
Keep it up, Garth. Maybe in another 19 years I'll come again and bring my kids along too. ;)

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