Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Happy 4th Avery Jo!

Today marks four years since a mischievous, sweet yet uber-dramatic girl entered our lives. Since we've been up to our ears (pun intended) in pink for years, a pink and black Minnie Mouse party seemed appropriate.

We went cheap this year. 
I bought mostly plain black and pink items for the party - tablecloth, plates, napkins, utensils, crepe paper, balloons, etc - and supplemented with a few Minnie Mouse themed items. There was a Happy Birthday banner with Minnie on it, and I purchased some balloons from Amazon along with mouse-eared cupcake picks. 
Jared helped out greatly by using his Silhouette tool (which he uses for words/graphics for Etsy projects) to cut out Minnie Mouse shapes on different colored papers. We used string to make our own birthday garland and decorations for the table. 

{I was skeptical of how much he would use the Silhouette when he first bought it, but it has proved its worth in tons of ways - many of which aren't even for Etsy projects. We will definitely use it in the future to decorate for more kids' parties.}

Anyway, the party didn't break the bank and Avery still loved it. 
In fact she later called it "the best day ever." 
Well worth it.

Can't waste a drop of that frosting!

Then the next item of business was the long-awaited and begged for bike. 
We led her around the house looking for the present we "misplaced." When she finally opened the front door to look outside, she saw her bike sitting there, brand-new and ready to go. Instead of jumping with excitement, she yelled, "Hey, who parked their bike here?!" and slammed the door shut to continue looking for her gift. It took a few seconds for it to register that it was her bike, but within seconds she was on it and took off.

And she's been in constant hey-let's-go-biking! mode ever since.

Today we've invited a few friends over for a play date (hey, Mom wins too!) to make it feel more special. We're going to have a few more cupcakes and continue to celebrate Miss Avery Josephine. 


  1. Happy birthday Avery! And happy Birth Day Vanessa! You are awesome parents, looks like you made it a magical day!

  2. Aw happy birthday to your little girl! It sure doesn't take a lot of money to make kids happy. She looks thrilled!


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