Friday, February 24, 2012

Bailey Boo turns two

This past Sunday we celebrated Bailey's 2nd birthday. Jared's mom flew in from Loveland for an extended weekend and my sisters, parents and grandparents were here for the day as well.

Bailey was wearing an adorable new dress Grandma Cathy bought her. (Which was great because I hadn't put much any thought into what she would be wearing.) Avery was also strutting her stuff in another Grandma Cathy purchase.

{Grandma Cathy definitely likes to shop and she does it well.}

We were even able to get a family photo with neither child crying. And they were even smiling!
It was miraculous!

Bailey has definitely made progress since Christmas a few months back. She was tearing into the presents with gusto, even if it did require some concentration.

When it was time for the cakes {yes, plural - we like cake!}, she was a little less sure. Well truthfully, she was all about the cake, it was more of the singing that was throwing her off. She seemed a bit terrified actually, and I don't really think our voices were all that bad!  But once we started to sing "Happy Birthday" a second time, she got into the spirit and started clapping along. We will have to work on the whole blowing-out-the-candles thing for next year's party though.

{Blowing kisses to blow out her candles}

All in all it was a great day. Lots of food, family, and laughs. Cathy even got to experience my dad's Pictionary domination. (And if you know my dad at all, you would know that is a complete lie and that it usually takes him the entire allotted time to just draw a stick figure... But it's okay, Dad. You have shown real progress!)

And best of all, Bailey's family got to see her turn FIVE! two!

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