Monday, March 10, 2014

my kid's got me pegged

So you all remember when I took a tumble down an entire flight of stairs a couple months ago, right?
If not, please refresh your memory:

My sister Justy likes to reread this particular post whenever she needs a good laugh at my expense.

Anyway, just the other day it became fairly obvious that Bailey remembers this day very, very well.

I was sitting on the couch in the living room and watched as Bailey threw her stuffed pig down the staircase. It tumbled down each step and she calmly walked down to where it was resting on the landing. 

Then, in a high-pitched voice, she said as the pig, "Jared, No! I don't need an ambulance! That costs money!"

Then she replied, as Jared, "I don't care. I am calling right now!"

She proceeded to end her phone call with the ambulance, load the paralyzed pig onto a stretcher (aka a folded blanket), and carry it to the waiting ambulance (aka the toy box). 

I hate to even admit how extremely accurate her reenactment was...
But damn was it hilarious.
I love how my 4 year-old captured just how much of a tight-ass her mother is. 
Bravo Bailey.

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