Tuesday, July 15, 2014

White Trash Golfing & Mud Volleyball 2014

In our family we do this weird thing we call White Trash golfing. It evolved three years ago when my sisters and cousin had nothing to do on a Saturday morning. Someone suggested golf, but everybody looked borderline trashy - cutoff t-shirts, old shoes, hair all a mess. It was suggested they should go anyway and just embrace the white trashy-ness. So they did. 
And White Trash Golfing was born. 

And then there is this couple - newcomers to the event. 
But from the looks of them you would never know.
They just do White Trash so right!
I can only hope they look just as ravishing at their upcoming wedding here in a few months. 

The next day was mud volleyball.
If you recall our team last year was the Bumpin' Amish.

This year we went as team Nerds 'N' Nets.
And I think we were just as stylish as that sounds.
Are you seeing my sexy husband?? Back off ladies, that geek is all mine!

I like big books and I cannot lie.

Talk nerdy to me.

Another engaged couple. 
With a picture this perfect, I really hope it makes the wedding slide show!

Nerd Love.

Truth be told, we aren't the best at mud volleyball. We won our first game and lost the two after that.
But we don't take it too seriously - it's all for the fun of playing. (And maybe the drinking?)
However, we did win for Best Team Uniform, so those trips to Goodwill really paid off.

The After look:

It was a fun time and worth the ten million mosquito bites and the 20 minute shower afterward. 


  1. OMG Vanessa I love this on so many levels! I love the nerdy theme. Man I think you just added another idea for my Halloween costume this year lol.

    1. Thanks Nina. The nerd theme was pretty easy to pull off - almost anything works. And bonus points since it is a very inexpensive costume idea. Goodwill was an absolute wealth of inspiration! lol

  2. I love your nerd outfits! Especially the Mickey Mouse t-shirt - nice touch! Seems like a fun group of people. :)

    1. Thank you Katie. :) Our family definitely likes to try new things and have a laugh while doing it.

  3. Hi Vanessa! Followed your blog here from SSBE! Looks like your family really knows how to have fun! Good for you!!!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Lisa! Yes, we definitely like to have a good time together - especially if it involves lots of laughter at ourselves. :)


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