Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Refinished buffet

As I have mentioned in a previous post or two, we recently purchased an old buffet. 
Or sideboard. 
Or server. 
Or whatever you prefer to call it. 

We had a long wall in our dining room that was needing some love. And I have a thing for old vintage pieces of furniture, especially ones that are updated and given new life. 
A buffet was the perfect solution. 
The problem was finding one... 
We attended auctions, garage sales, you name it and it took over two years to finally find one.
Finally Jared attended a household auction on a random Friday night at 5:30 during an approaching rain storm. The stars aligned, and because few people want to stand out in a cold drizzle while their stomachs growl, he was able to snag the buffet for cheap.

Here it is in all of its "before" glory.

It cost us $110, which is pennies when you compare that to the cost of already refinished sideboards that quite often sell for upwards of $500 or $600. 

There was basically no cost in refinishing the buffet - only Jared's time. 
We already had the tools and stain required to sand down the top and refinish it. We also had the white paint used on the rest of the piece. We pieced together the decor by browsing Etsy and happening along a couple treasures at a household sale across the street from us. (We really are starting to sound like auction crazies. We aren't. We just like a good, cheap find.)

Table Runner: Etsy Modernality2
Copper Pitcher: Etsy SarahsVintageShop
Lamp: Hobby Lobby clearance
Yellow bowl: household sale for $4
Mirror: household sale $2

I love the fact that it is a neutral piece in our dining room that can be arranged and then rearranged for any season or purpose. Even just a new table runner can change up the whole look. I am excited to be able to display favorite items and family photos for years to come. 
And are you noticing all that storage? Extra storage room and increased organization make my heart oh so happy.

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  1. Wow Vanessa, I am so impressed! I thought the original was beautiful on its own, but with the white, it really matches your wall and decor. Great job guys!


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