Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter Day

Look at me - getting a post out on the same day it happened! Write it down, people!
Truth be told I have nothing else to do while Jared dozes away on the couch before work, but I'm still giving myself the credit since I am currently chicken-pecking out these words.

I digress.


family photo

 so random, but I love it

most pictures looked a little something like this

Weiss family great-grandkids posing with their found loot

And on a non-Easter side note, today marks 10 years together for Jared and me. 

A whole freaking decade. 
That's crazy, right? 
But then again, as I have been reminded of plenty this weekend, I am old.
(Try telling high school kids that only a few people had cell phones when you were their age and that texting wasn't even a thing until college. I swear they look at you like you're a martian.)
2005 doesn't seem all that long ago.
But then again, I'm getting up there in years...   ;)

Happy Easter!

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    The kids? Captured them PERFECTLY! Bailey looks sweet and proper, Avery looks mischievous and adorable and Graham? What a little pimp-daddy stud!

    The family photo was totally perfect and of course I love the one of you and Jared!

    And tell me about it, when we celebrated our 10yr wedding anniversary just this last February I was like really? Already? Yet other times I'm like THATS IT??? Hahahaha

    I'm not really sure how "long" we've been together. Not even sure when we started dating?? You've got a better memory than me sista!

    Looks like Easter was really a good one this year. <3


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