Tuesday, October 22, 2013

turning 29 and other randomness

Yesterday was my birthday.
My last hurrah before the big 3-0 hits.
Jared baked me a cake from scratch, complete with my favorite frosting.
I seriously love cake.
And with all the candles adorning this bad boy, I could have easily started a small forest fire. Regardless, it was delicious and as of noon today, there is only 1 piece remaining. Thankfully I had some help devouring it, because trust me when I say I could have handled quite a large portion (read: easily 3/4 of it) of it all on my own.

I got some thoughtful gifts. Jared loves to buy presents. I don't know if gift-buying is considered a talent, but if it is, he has it. He has a way of listening to little things I mention wanting throughout the year, and then Christmas rolls around: BAM! there is the gift I forgot I even wanted.

He also loves a good clearance.
The earrings: $0.20 on Etsy.  This time the clearance was so good he had to brag about it - to me.

My sisters also got me some Etsy deals.
This one is random, but sometimes I just love random.
This cute little guy is perched on our windowsill above the sink. It came with a sponge, but I can imagine it holding all sorts of things: rings, a tiny plant, or any other tiny treasure.

Mother Nature's belated birthday gift to me today?
It's too warm out to stick around, but just the sight of it was odd against the backdrop of all the pretty colored trees down our block.

The cold, wet weather outside has made for a good day for other things.
Bring on the demolition!
We are preparing to say goodbye to the purple bathroom.
Actually, we are more than prepared. I am completely ready to watch pieces of this ugly room hit the dump. And while I am not pumped for the two to three weeks of construction (ie: noise that disrupts naptime), I am excited to see the finished product.

Hopefully in less than a month I will be sharing before and after photos instead of complaining about our retro-gone-wrong bathroom.

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