Wednesday, September 25, 2013

It's Wednesday

The only WTF about this Wednesday's post is WTF Where has the past week gone?!
I wrote a week ago, and I feel like every day since then has flown by.

Last week was long. Jared was busy with funeral stuff as a member of the volunteer fire department, and because of that he missed sleep and was exhausted. So he slept his life away all the days following. I babysat some pretty long hours last week, and while that made the days pass in no time, it also made for one tired mama.

At least the weekend was fun.
We went out to supper with my parents, sister, and one set of grandparents on Friday night.
Saturday night Jared and I had a date night. It'd been since our anniversary I believe - so like over 3 months ago.  We were due.
Pathetic to say, but I think we were both so tired we might have almost preferred a night together (sans kids) on the couch. But I doubt my mom would volunteer to babysit just so Jared and I could be in the other room catching up on our DVR'ed TV shows, so out we went. We had a nice meal and went to a movie. In all honesty, I can't remember the last movie we saw in the theaters together.

The movie was pretty good, (we saw Prisoners) but the experience itself was sort of awkward. There were only *maybe* 20 people in a large theater - so basically empty. And a guy sat down in the seat right next to me. Like touching arms. Weird. Doesn't everyone know to follow the one seat distance rule? (FYI - we totally got up and moved. I can't have someone that close, especially to witness me consuming my convenience store purchased Diet Dew and Kit-Kat minis.)
And then I whispered a question to Jared during the previews and got a full-on "SHHHHH!" from the lady two rows back. Okay fine, I will shut up. But then this same woman talked through the entire movie. And it wasn't just making comments, she was asking questions my 3 year-old could have answered. There were all of like six main characters in the movie. She couldn't keep them straight. I wanted to get up and yell, "Yes, the white guy is the white girl's father and the black guy is the black girl's father!" like 14 different times.
So the moral of the story is: When visiting a movie theater, turn your cell phone off and leave your idiot girlfriend at home.

And adding to some excitement (eye roll) around here, our main bathroom (read: the only one with a bathtub) is no longer functional. Unbeknownst to me, while taking a shower on Thursday night I flooded the downstairs toy room/office area.

We have had issues with our upstairs bathroom before. The plumbing sucks. Which actually works out phenomenally because the rest of the bathroom sucks as well.

Case in point. Check out our bathroom and let me know if you want to take a quick trip back to the 80s.
Purple toilet.
Apparently when remodeling they didn't think about the fact that someday purple toilets might not be so cool anymore, and that a white lid might be the only option available. That white lid totally adds style points.
Also, check out the fake plastic tile. It covers every single surface of the entire bathroom, excluding the ceiling. Sexy, right?
Purple bathtub.
Go ahead and judge me all you like.
I know that caulk is gross, but I am not putting any extra work into a bathroom that is getting renovated soon.
And since the bathroom doesn't have nearly enough purple, that shower curtain is here to help!

So like I said, we already had contractors lined up to renovate this purple beast, but they aren't coming for a couple more weeks. I am already excited.
Bye-bye purple tub!
Sayonara purple toilet!
Hasta la vista purple sink!
Yes, there is a purple sink too. It really just completes the look.

In the meantime we are loathing enjoying giving our kids bath-showers (bowers? shaths?) in our small basement shower - 2 floors away from all their crap. We have a bit of a system worked out, but it usually includes one of the adults getting the world's least relaxing shower while the other has dry-off-and-dress duty three times over.

I am ready for this renovation to be over already. Too bad it hasn't even started yet.

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