Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Tee ball

This week marked the first week of t-ball for Bailey and Avery. 

And also my first ever experience in coaching. Granted it's a bunch of 3 and 4 year-olds, so "coaching" loosely means teaching one child to hit the ball while the rest of the kids draw stick figures in the dirt.

But that is the fun of it. 
It's no serious thing. Just a bunch of kids learning some (very basic) basics and having some good ole-fashioned fun outside. I coach with one other parent and he is laid back and chill, so we get along great. Neither of us truly knows what we are doing, so we improvise. It's all good.

Avery is probably a bit too young for all of it really, seeing as she just turned three last month. But since her sister was doing it, there was absolutely no point in pretending she would be okay sitting on the sidelines. As a rule, if Sister is doing it, Avery is too.

Their favorite part is batting (isn't everyone's?) so they were cheesing it up for the camera this afternoon, practicing their swings. 
When it comes to all this new t-ball stuff, Avery carefully watches how Sister does it.

And then they had to hug because that is what they do when they are excited about anything. 
(Last week at the zoo: "Look Avery, it's a shark! YAY!" *jumping hug*)
So far so good. Other than the fact that Avery has already begged me to stop being her coach, they seem to be liking tee ball. And what is not to like? New shirt, hanging out with friends, making dirt angels in the infield? A total blast, right?


  1. This is so cute, I can barely handle it!! I'm such a proud Auntie right now! :)

  2. Your shark comment totally cracked me up Vanessa ;)

    This is so cute. I've been meaning to expose my son to more activities to see if he's interested. In fact, just yesterday I wanted to watch a T-ball game but I couldn't find parking so we ended up just playing in the playground instead.

    I'm very much like you when it comes to coaching and my thoughts on organized sports for kids. I think for the very young, it's more about just having fun and not about all the other benefits of sports just yet (eg regimented routine, perfecting your form, doing crazy laps, etc).

    I've seen coaches at our local park go bonkers at a girls soccer team. I mean, it's like boot camp! I felt so sad for the kids. I just wanted them to pick up sticks and play with the grass instead.

    1. Our ball diamonds are right next to the school playground, so we have overheard quite a few kids begging to go swing in the middle of practice. :) I think it is definitely about exposure and to give the kids a chance to participate. Plus it's $15. It isn't like dance classes where it is hundreds a month plus expensive recital outfits. I can handle 15 bucks!

      And how sad for those kids! Elementary school age kids definitely do not need boot camp style practices. That kind of coaching is not going to make them better players, it is probably just going to make them want to quit.


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