Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Two, Dude

Almost exactly two years ago to the hour, I was holding our son in my arms for the first time.
My son.
The reality was finally sinking in, and I think I cried like twenty times that day. 

And much later, after the worst of the sleep deprivation was over,
we realized just how complete our family felt with this little man in it.

I just finished tucking in our now 2 year-old baby for his daily nap. 
He grabbed my face in his chubby hands and pulled me in for a big kiss on the lips. He smiled and said, "I yuhv you" before turning over on bed, snuggling in to sleep.

It melts my heart every time. 
He might not technically be a baby anymore, but he is still my baby.
Although if you ask him, he will proudly let you know that he is "two, dude."

Happy Birthday little G.


  1. I adore the twos. I promise, they're not terrible at all!

    1. You're right. The twos aren't terrible - it's the threes that are really trying!


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