Saturday, November 5, 2011


Yesterday a former co-worker of our's buried her 3 year-old son, Ryder. He had been fighting a rare form of cancer for the past year. I simply cannot imagine the pain of losing your child... the pain of having to say goodbye... the pain of missing them every single day. Their journey together helped make us aware of how special the time we have together is. Every day I try to remember that; to cherish every moment.

It's so easy to forget though. Just today I was feeling overwhelmed and losing patience at a pretty rapid rate. I was trying to feed Avery on the couch. I had just gotten readjusted with pillows and had Avery positioned just so... Then I needed to get up to get Bailey because for about the 4th time today she decided to start unloading the {dirty} dishwasher into the drawer of {clean} silverware. I had to force myself to take a deep breath and calmly reload everything and lock the dishwasher - again. [Thank God for naptime.]

I went back and got myself and Avery settled in again. I turned on a DVR'ed episode of Oprah's Life Class on OWN. (Don't judge me! OWN was free last month...) I have always loved Oprah. With the exception of the worthless celebrity episodes, I loved her show and felt like I always took something away from it. Life Class revisits old episodes in which a valuable life lesson is learned. The episode I happened to turn on today was about a woman whose 4 children were murdered by her ex-husband. Now I know this sounds depressing, but in this episode you see how a woman walks through the ashes of her life and finds happiness again. And for God's sake, if this woman can deal with the stress of just living every day, I can find some patience for my toddler! {Plus, sometimes you can just use a good cry.}

The point of my rambling is that I want to be thankful for the present. It might be tiring or overwhelming, or just a pain in the butt some days, but I am thankful for my life. I am thankful for my two healthy children and a husband who loves us and works so hard to make my life easier. I am thankful for my parents who are always so supportive. I am thankful for my sisters who are my best friends. I am thankful for my friends that I never seem to see enough. I am thankful for all of our family that loves us so much. I say a prayer to God for every day that I get to spend on this earth with the people who mean so much to me.

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  1. I loved this blog post. I agree with the whole thing. Never be ashamed of Oprah! :) I must agree on life's blessings. I am blessed by everyone you mentioned, as well as your daughters. They have brought me a lot of happiness since they were born. Love you, Solko's!


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