Monday, December 19, 2011

It's just another day here at our house. Nothing exciting to speak of, but boring is good in my book. Excitement can mean drama. And drama is usually something like rocky relationships, crazy family members, money problems, or unruly children and we don't have much of that. (At least usually... But everyone could use some extra padding in the bank account, right?)

Speaking of money, I really had to work for it this weekend. It was my weekend on call. We worked until 12:30 AM both Friday and Saturday nights, with a few hours sleep in between. That added up to 20+ hours of call-in pay. {That more than paid for our Christmas, so thanks Med Center!} They were very long days though. An extra-busy 12 hour shift on the floor doesn't even compare to my day Saturday. Thank God I gave away my Sunday call... But I do find that nothing gives you that second burst of energy like (paid-for) pepperoni pizza and Jimmy John's delivery. Oh, and a nice DMD. Gotta have my Diet Mt. Dew. 

On a sad note, I was speeding just a wee bit on the way home from work at 1 AM on Sunday morning and got pulled over. [Side note: It is extremely easy to speed on a empty, dark road when you are half asleep, zoning out, and just ready to go to bed.] So apparently I was going 74 in a 55. Oops... In all honestly, I had no idea I was going so fast. I told the officer as much and casually mentioned how I was coming home from a long call weekend. {And then I prayed he took note of my tired demeanor and the horrible bags under my eyes and would take pity on me.} And he sortof did. I didn't get a speeding ticket much to my surprise, but a ticket for not putting my new registration sticker - which I got like 4 days ago- on my license plate . The current one wasn't even outdated yet! [It's really hard to put a sticker on when your car is covered in dirty gravel dust and I was going to wait until I washed it, but he apparently didn't understand that logic.] So while that stupid ticket is $80, at least I didn't get the $190 one for speeding. And I guess now with two warnings, I will have to slow my ass down...

Bailey is learning some new phrases. Early Access of Iowa comes to visit Bailey once a month to evaluate her development and speech since she was technically premature (my 7+ pounder preemie, yeah right) and because of her cleft. Our real concern is her speech. She know a lot of words, and she will repeat new ones back to us when we ask her to, but right now she very rarely just says them without prompting. They were asking me if she put words together to make two word phrases or if she walked up to things and named them out loud. I said "Nope, she hasn't been doing that." And like every other time they ask about something and I say no, she started doing it the very next day. She picked up a book, pointed to a ball and said "ball" out loud. I gave her her breakfast and she looked right at me and said "Thank you." {And before you think my child is just so wonderful and well-behaved, she says it so often now, she would probably thank me if I spanked her or something.} She is also on a  kick of saying "toot-toot" every time she farts.  Wouldn't it be nice if us adults could do that and people would just laugh and think it was cute?

Avery is our lazy little lump of cuteness. She is perfectly content to just sit in one spot and not move. And if she were to need something out of reach, she makes no effort to get it herself by moving her body. She just cries until Bailey brings it to her or one of us picks her up. At this age, Bailey was already crawling around the entire house and pulling up on furniture. This one is perfectly content to snuggle up on you and let you serve her every want and need. Why go get it yourself if you can get other people to do it for you? Crawling seems to be a ways off, which I suppose is fine. We're probably not ready for an extra child to help destroy the house just yet.

Jared is working today.  And after two long days alone with the girls and no breaks, I am sure he is fine with that. Since I am still catching up from the weekend, I really should be taking a nap while both girls are napping. But I just like the quiet time in the house so much, I can't bring myself to do it. Maybe it's time to go catch up on my Y&R. Sweet Jesus, please let them find a way to get rid of Patty and create a new storyline. Oh, and some scenes of Cane half-naked would be fine by me, too.

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  1. Can't get through the day without a DMD. I love it.


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