Saturday, January 28, 2012

Tis the Season...

This past week has been a little rough to say the least.

Last weekend Jared got sick with the flu. And mid-week when he thought he was over the worst of it, it got even worse. And then I got it, too. Awesome. 2 sick parents + 2 healthy active kids = Not cool. Both of us were cuddled up in blankets on the couch in the fetal position while Bailey and Avery stared at us in confusion. Eventually we did have to drag our aching bodies off the couch and go feed them.

When the mere thought of food makes you want to vomit, it takes real dedication to suck it up and prepare food for someone else. {Bailey and Avery: Don't ever say we didn't do anything for you.}  Jared was feeding Avery pureed peas and sweet potatoes when the smell finally got to him. He went to the bathroom and threw up for 10 minutes... then returned to the table to continue feeding her.  [Dedication, like I said.]

While it took Jared about 6 days to feel back to normal, I felt better within 24 hours. (Thank God. Someone had to feed, bathe, and supervise the children!)  We are keeping our fingers crossed the girls have superhuman immune systems and won't get it. {Believe me, Bailey is whiny enough lately.}

In between whining sessions, Bailey has been mildly entertaining today. During breakfast she purposely threw her spoon on the floor and just stared at me. I gave her my best disapproving-Mommy look.
She met my gaze and said, "Funny!" and laughed.
I told her, "No, it's not funny. You can't throw your spoon."
She replied, "Yes funny."
I said back, "No."

.....  Wait? Am I really arguing with a child that isn't even 2 yet?
Okay Bailey, you win this round.

We did paint her toenails today though. She was excited to do it. Now that they're done, she keeps saying "pretty" over and over. 

You have such weird little toes, Bailey Boo.  :) 
And why do little kids' toes overlap all funky like that sometimes?
Oh well, toes always look cuter with some bright pink polish.

So thankful to have girls.
{Feel free to check back in about 10 years and remind me that I said that.}

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