Saturday, January 21, 2012

Adventures of the Solko sisters

Lately we haven't bothered putting up a baby gate outside of Bailey's room because she knows how to take it down.

"Take it down" can happen one of two ways:
1)  Pull up as hard as you can on the latch and move the gate aside.             
2) Get a running head start and throw all your body weight into the gate.

{Both are highly effective, but she finally figured out Option #1 after a few too many bruises from using Option #2.}

So it's girl scout cookie season... Jared brought home a few boxes that he bought from a coworker. We cracked into the Lemonade cookies for a little after-dinner dessert. The next morning I opened up the package and packed two cookies to take to work. I must not have made sure I put the cookie box in the center of the kitchen counter...

Around 8 AM Bailey awakens Jared. She has been waking up at 7:15, so he wonders why she let him sleep in so late. Then he sees it... the empty box of cookies and Bailey finishing off the last one as she smiles up at him. Almost a whole box of cookies. Gone. She isn't even two yet and this girl is polishing off a box of cookies like a seasoned pro!

And later that same day, Bailey only took a half hour nap about 4 hours later than usual. What a coincidence...

Avery's adventures are much more tame by comparison. {They about have to be when you can't yet walk and can only crawl in reverse - the opposite of the direction you are intending to go.}

Today we were at Fe's house for the day to hang out and get some auntie-time in. I was sitting with Avery on my lap. Fe was getting her to laugh. We could tell she had just pooped, but we could see she was still working on adding more to that amount (lots of cute little baby grunts). So we were waiting. Then she gives one big squeeze... and liquid poop squirts straight up out of the back of her diaper. 

Now I have been pooped on before by both my children, but never have I seen one do a realistic impression of Old Faithful. {Girl has some power back there!}

Some clean-up was done over the bathtub (insurance policy!) and we were as good as new. Okay, not really - I still had pooped on pants, but Avery was happy, so I went with it.

And apparently the best time to have a little milk snack is after a big ol' poo. Who knew?

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