Sunday, January 1, 2012

Hello 2012!

The Solkos had a less-than thrilling New Year's Eve. I was on call for work and at Beaner's apartment in Omaha, where I drove some (already tipsy) girls to a bar to celebrate. I arrived home at 11 to find everyone asleep. I rang in the new year alone while pumping on the couch. Ho-hum... And come to think of it, the last fun (ie: involving alcoholic beverages) new year's celebration that I celebrated was waaaaaay back in 2005. Wow. Lame-o. But I suppose things are a bit different now... {like I have a job and kids}. Oh well. One of these years we will party it up in style - assuming the world doesn't end this year of course.

2011 was good to us.

We got to take a trip to Denver and visit Jared's mom's family. 
And Jared's Grandpa Norm got to meet Bailey for the first time.

We celebrated Bailey's first birthday in February...

and then welcomed another little handful in May.

Avery Josephine Solko


Summer brought a lot of fun and parties to celebrate great moments in the lives of some of our favorite people.

Justy, my youngest little sis, turned 21 in July! And it's a good thing that it only happens once, too.

Say whatever you like about us, but we know how to have fun!


My cousin Alan married Tierney in August.

I feel lucky to have two cousins that are more like brothers to us.
{And I know the picture is horrible and blurry, but I love it anyway.}

Our friend Shelby married JD in September. And as every bride fears, it rained on her wedding day.
Despite the rain monsoon, the ceremony and reception were beautiful and the night was epic.
[and here is my official apology for kinda sorta knocking over the bar... Sorry Stoolmans!]

Not everything was rosy and wonderful (ie: most of the month of May), but we got through it together. And the hard times make you appreciate the wonderfulness of ordinary, run-of-the-mill days along with the days of joy and celebration. 

I hope for happiness for you all in 2012!

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